Flavor is becoming more global, yet it remains a local phenomenon at the same time – and both sides of this paradox influence consumer behavior. Symrise accounts for this with its flavor families: Meat, Vegetable, Vanilla, Mint, Citrus, Red Fruits and Taste Modulation are globally important core competencies, which is why Symrise has made them the focus of its taste for life® platform.

Symrise translates various meat preparation styles and cooking methods into globally successful taste solutions.
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Symrise provides a broad range of offerings for vegetable flavors, covering all of the various processing and preparation types, including raw, roasted and sautéed.
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Simply Vanilla: simply vanilla® is the umbrella brand for our comprehensive vanilla expertise in the areas of Consumer Insights, Research & Development, Marketing, Service and Innovation.
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Mint: Unmistakable flavor is key – Symrise offers custom menthol and mint solutions thanks to its unique expertise in the field.
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Naturally Citrus:
naturally citrus!® is a global brand – and an innovative platform for pooling Symrise’s particular expertise in citrus flavors.
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Red Fruits: Unique taste solutions with a special focus on the harmonization of individual notes in the flavor matrix.
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Taste Modulation:
Flavor improvement, flavor masking, trigeminal effects, flavor release and the restoration of flavor profiles after recipe changes.
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These global tastes competences are supplemented by numerous individual flavors that are of regional significance.


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