Symrise sources around 10,000 different raw materials from more than 100 countries. The complexity of our supply chain is enormous. Our natural raw materials are sourced through a range of supply chains, often originating from fields, farms and forests in Africa, Asia and South America. Some of these strategic raw materials are used only in our industry.

Long-term growth is only possible if we continue to be in the position to ensure both raw material availability and quality, while remaining competitive when it comes to pricing. As social and environmental conditions influence the quality, availability and price of the raw materials we use, it is not just a question of responsible sourcing practices, but it is also in our own long-term commercial interest to establish and promote the highest environmental and social standards across all of our purchasing processes.

We pursue this approach with our responsible sourcing model, relying on long-term contracts and cooperation with our suppliers, on social and ecological commitment locally, and on strategic partnerships with our key customers.

You can read more about our progress in our corporate report or on this website.

Challenges for Sustainable SourcingRequirements of our Stakeholders
Price Volatility of Raw MaterialsCompetitive Prices
Ensuring Product QualityEnvironmentally Friendly Sourcing
Permanent Ability to DeliverLocal Sourcing
Local SourcingSocially Responsible Sourcing
Risks Brought on by Climate ChangeObservance of Human Rights
Certification of Raw Materials
Traceability of Raw Materials

Case Studies

Corporate Report 2014

The complete report is available on our Microsite, as well as further interesting features. 


2014 Corporate Report 
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If you have any questions, suggestions or comments to make about our sustainability efforts, we are at your service.

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