Companies with a one-dimensional focus on commercial success run the risk of losing the most important basis for business: trust. That’s why we actively assume our entrepreneurial responsibility along the entire value creation chain, expanding our commitment beyond our core business into the areas of health, nutrition, sports, culture and education.

Symrise accepts responsibility: We are conscious of our influence on the society in which we work and live. At the same time, we need our employees, business partners and local communities to accept us and trust us as a responsible partner in order to be a successful company. We sell our products on a global market and, likewise, gather the raw materials we need to manufacture them from nearly every corner of the world. That is why the concept of shared value is a primary guiding principle for our business. We want to increase our competitiveness while simultaneously enhancing the economic and social conditions of society.

You can read more about our progress in our corporate report or on this website.

Challenges for Sustainable Business in SocietyRequirements of our Stakeholders
Reputation and VisibilityContribution to Local Economy
Employee IdentificationEquitable Sharing of Benefits Across Value Chain
Minimizing Procurement RisksSupport and Promotion of Local Infrastructure Developments
Interest in a Business-Friendly Regulatory EnvironmentDonations and Sponsoring

Case Studies

Corporate Report 2014

The complete report is available on our Microsite, as well as further interesting features. 


2014 Corporate Report 
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If you have any questions, suggestions or comments to make about our sustainability efforts, we are at your service.

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