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Agenda 2020 – Our Plan for a Sustainable Future

Symrise’s thoughts and actions are guided by both commercial and sustainable principles. The corporate strategy is oriented towards long-term goals. Under the heading “Agenda 2020,” Symrise has summarized the areas of focus that will guide its corporate activity in every region and market around the globe for the coming years.

Symrise is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of fragrances and flavors and of basic ingredients and active agents for the perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages industries. In the long term, we want to be the most successful company in our industry. We also want to strengthen our market position and ensure our independence. We are aware that economic success and social acceptance are inextricably linked. Our economic goals are tied to the responsibility we live by and feel every day for the environment, employees and society.

Symrise’s corporate strategy is based on the three pillars of growth, efficiency and portfolio. It incorporates aspects of sustainability at all levels in order to enhance the company’s value over the long term and minimize risks. By taking into account the requirements of various stakeholders at all stages of the value creation process, we are creating values for all: “Sharing Values.

Corporate Report 2014

The complete report is available on our Microsite, as well as further interesting features. 


2014 Corporate Report 
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