Agenda 2020

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram

Symrise ’s thoughts and act ions are guided by both commercial and sustainable principles. The corporate strategy is oriented towards long-term goals. Under the heading “Agenda 2020”, Symrise has summarized the areas of focus that will guide its corporate activity in every region and market around the globe for the coming years.

Symrise aims to increase its overall sales by more than € 1 billion by 2020, which would amount to total annual sales of € 2.7 to 2.8 billion. The average target growth rate for each year should therefore be between 5 and 7 %. At the same time, the company wants to increase EBITDA to more than € 500 million. This corresponds to an annual EBITDA margin between 19 and 22 %.

Symrise intends to grow with a clear focus on the emerging markets, such as China, India, Eastern Europe and Latin America. In the future, these markets should account for two-thirds of overall sales. At the same time, the company will maintain its robust customer structure, with each segment (global, regional and local customers) accounting for one-third of our business.

Symrise also set various goals for 2020 to ensure its continued sustainable supply of high-quality raw materials. The most important ten to twelve natural materials – including vanilla, oranges, cloves, lavender, eucalyptus and onions – should come from 100 % sustainable sources by 2020. To ensure availability of these raw materials and therefore the basis for production, backward integration will be further expanded. It will grow to cover 40 % of the company’s sourcing.

Symrise is constantly researching new products and technologies that support further growth. The company will continue to place a particular focus on innovations – for instance, the promising fields of Life Essentials and Consumer Health, which Symrise can serve particularly well thanks to its organizational structure with the Scent & Care and Flavor & Nutrition divisions.

For years, Symrise has been committed to a more environmentally friendly and therefore more sustainable business. An increasing amount of products, buildings and individual processes are being replanned or converted to consume less energy, steam and heat while also reducing waste. By doing so, the company aims to reduce the CO2 footprint of its products by 33 % by the year 2020.

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