Training is a question of taste – at least in the Flavor segment. The Flavor Academy offers international training programs for prospective Junior Flavorists as well as Application and Development Technologists. The requirement for entry: passing a theoretical and sensory entrance exam.

The path to becoming a Junior Flavorist takes two years and covers, in addition to introductory training on raw materials, the basics of development, analytics and application technology as well as a practical phase where participants work not only in their home region, but also become familiar with the sensory preferences of other regions on a trip abroad. In the final phase, the young flavorists develop their own “masterpiece” flavor compositions and take the theoretical final exam.

The training program for Product and Application Development Technologists in the Beverages segment builds on the foundations of a degree in food technology. It consists of a 10-week introductory course followed by an optional supplementary program:

  • The introductory course covers the basics of raw materials and application technology. It also discusses project management as well as communication and presentation techniques.
  • In the second phase, employees can choose between various subjects, such as alcoholic applications, emulsions and compounds.
  • In the final phase, the students create their own “masterpiece” beverage composition. Upon the successful completion of their final exams, these students become Junior Beverage Development Technologists.