Flavors can modify a product’s taste in a targeted manner. In the area of taste modulation, we focus on tasks like flavor improvement, flavor masking, trigeminal effects, flavor release and the restoration of flavor profiles after recipe changes.

The Taste Modulation Toolbox from Symrise covers the entire spectrum of industrial applications:

  • Improving the perception of sweet, creaminess, savory, umami, juiciness and freshness
  • Masking bitterness, sourness, rancidity, astringency, saltiness and metallic notes
  • Reducing unwanted flavor notes that arise from the addition of fillers or functional substances (such as plant extracts, minerals, omega fatty acids, peptides, proteins, soy or vitamins)
  • Triggering trigeminal effects: warmth, cooling or stimulating the production of saliva
  • Any combination of the aforementioned application areas