Nature surrounds us. It delights us, feeds us and inspires us with its wealth of taste and boundless creativity. Consumers love the taste of nature – with an equally diverse and precise understanding of what nature means to them. With code of nature, customers and consumers receive the real tastes of nature that go into individual products, which entail and combine all facets of naturalness transparently.

Consumers are going all natural

We have entered a new era of naturalness. It is evolving fast and picking up speed every day. Consumers dive deeper into their understanding of food and naturalness with every purchase they make.
When choosing and buying their food and beverages they therefore demand nature as pure and rich as possible.
Consumers want to know exactly what ingredients go into their food and where they come from. They want products from farmers that care about sustainable cultivation on healthy soil. Protecting animals also plays a decisive role for many of them. Equally, they want their foods and beverages to be gently prepared and stored so that they keep their original taste and nutritional value. If consumers can actually see that something is made with honesty and integrity then it truly lives up to their expectations and perceptions.
Naturalness in these many individual facets is sprouting in San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin and Seoul – a true global phenomenon.
Consumers want the ultimate taste experience. And they want this experience to come from real food, made only with pure natural ingredients.
This puts the consumer into a great dilemma. Because nature means variety. It is evolving, subtle, ever changing, hard to predict, with crops and harvest depending on the weather, soil, and so much more. At the same time, consumers expect a very specific taste with high impact.

The industry is turning towards naturalness

These rapid changes within the world of naturalness and the consumer dilemma pose both huge challenges and opportunities on the food and beverage industry. Companies want to offer consumers products that they recognize and accept as truly natural and they have to adapt very quickly.
The reason: Local innovators are pioneering in many areas here and are growing fast. Very often, they are leading the way for international players.
Having very much originated in the US, this trend has now spread and is expanding globally. For international players, staying on top will require swiftly changing the game and shifting toward consumers’ preference for “real” food.

code of nature®: all about nature

With code of nature, Symrise is providing the answer to these changing consumer needs, the consumer dilemma and the resulting industry shifts. It forms an all-embracing concept and philosophy for address-ing people’s desire for a real natural experience – taking a whole variety of facets into consideration. Consumers therefore receive the real taste of nature they trust, with taste solutions adapted to their wishes.
By combining its multi-faceted expertise, Symrise creates a natural and authentic taste, often amplifying the vital character of the food. This is possible because Symrise understands nature in every tiny detail and is working within nature. Also, all employees ethically understand and follow a moral code: working without changing or harming nature – leaving it intact. These guiding principles lead the way to the understanding that determines the actions of Symrise, to understand nature and treat it respectfully.
This enables Symrise to uniquely address consumer understanding of naturalness from all angles by pulling together the many apparently different and disparate elements. Nature. Technology. People. It is thus bringing all facets of naturalness together and consumers receive the ultimate taste experience delivered as natural, honest real food that they accept and love.
In short: code of nature forms the high ground where taste and nature come together – “nature, as pure as it can be” with sustainably sourced, ethically produced and wholesomely prepared natural ingredients. This is literally the essence of what Symrise does.

Four pillars underpinning naturalness

code of nature® forms a framework that pulls together the diverse natural expertise of Symrise. It goes beyond a mere portfolio of natural products.
It enables a unique code of nature for each and every individual customer and solution. It connects the dots of the long scientific heritage at Symrise with deep consumer understanding, sustainable backward integration, regulatory consultancy capability. This dedicated approach combines the work of Symrise experts with long-standing certified partners, respecting nature, and using gentle technology and processes to amplify nature.

White Paper "code of nature"

The four pillars of naturalness

To genuinely generate value for customers and consumers, code of nature draws on four pillars:


Best natural

Using pure & rich natural ingredients sourced from people & places Symrise knows & trusts through long-standing partnerships for high impact natural taste.


Using unique technologies to create minimally processed & close to nature solutions. Based on understanding nature in every detail and carefully delivered using sensitive processes such as extraction, separation technologies, fermentation, etc.


Setting best-in-class standards as a transparent partner for naturalness by going beyond regulations and current market standards.

Consumer value

Enabling clean and clear labelling that consumers  understand & trust, such as “food in food”.

Because Symrise is combining its wide expertise for each and every customer  wish, each time it is creating unique and individual, truly and purely natural solutions – a unique code.
Taking all this together, code of nature goes beyond grey system theory.
It is every-day practice at Symrise.