The flavor portfolio BrewTopia® opens entirely new prospects for the brewing industry: BrewTopia® allows for a completely different typing of beers like lager, stout or pilsner, with a single base brew and the addition of innovative flavors – without sacrificing taste.

This is especially useful for non-alcoholic beers and malt products, which can regain their authentic beer flavor thanks to BrewTopia®. Symrise can even give craft beers and shandies a unique “fingerprint” with this portfolio.

BrewTopia® flavors are modular. This means that subtle nuances within the categories of pilsner, ale and stout are possible. “Boosters” for aspects like fruitiness, malt or hops compensate for lost flavor components. Specialties like “cooling flavors” are also available to round out the overall flavor. Every solution created for customers is customized thanks to the modular system.

During the three-year development phase for BrewTopia®, Symrise identified and isolated completely new molecules that are now being used. For labeling purposes, the range of flavors implemented vary from nature-identical and natural to FTNS (=from the named source) flavors, which originate directly from the beer brewing process.