discover chicken® is the Symrise brand for refined and unique taste solutions for chicken.
discover chicken® represents a new generation of culinary chicken flavors: for authentic flavor profiles and an impressive variety of tastes suitable for delicious creations of all kinds.

The global demand for chicken has been growing for many years. We want to satisfy this trend with our new brand, discover chicken®. During the development phase of the new flavors, we were able to make use of the expertise of Chefs United, the largest network of chefs worldwide. The end result was five new flavors that will give soups, sauces, casseroles and fried dishes an authentic taste, while at the same time catering to regional and traditional appetites.


The flavor profiles of discover chicken®

White chicken meat: boiled white breast meat, fine chicken meat

Dark chicken meat: boiled dark leg meat, strong meat flavor, juicy, intensive

Fatty chicken skin: boiled chicken skin and fat, intensive taste feeling in the mouth

Soup chicken: whole boiled chicken, meaty, brothy, bony, fatty skin

Roasted chicken: low-fat roasted chicken meat