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Citrus is one of the most important taste clusters in foods and beverages, and is also used in a wide range of fine fragrances, household cleaners or toothpastes. As widely spread as the taste and scent is, though, so are the challenges. Consumers worldwide expect naturalness besides the obvious great taste and smell, with transparency about where it comes from and value for money at the same time. The Industry expects uniqueness and solved technical issues like shelf life stability. However, most important for FMGC Producers is secured supply without fluctuations in quality or price – not so easy in times when increasing global demand meets shrinking supply due to devastating diseases like Citrus Greening (HLB). And on top of that both Consumers and Industry are looking for true sustainability, to ensure positive environmental and social impact along the extended value chain.


Addressing these challenges requires more than only standard solutions. Our citrus platform to solve current and future issues combines five elements which are at the heart of our value promise:

Consumer Connection: Decoding Desire
We translate trend & consumer insights into winning taste & scent solutions which fit our customers’ brands. Instead of “only” understanding consumer preference, we strive to decode the DNA of it via sensory analysis and link it to the natural aroma molecules. Unique consumer insights allow us to develop inspirational citrus product concepts, based on proprietary studies and methodologies, e.g. Netnography, Refreshment, Adult Taste and Provenance. By applying global and local trend data we offer future foresight about all things citrus.

Sustainable Raw Material Access: Secured Supply Chain
We promote sustainable farming practices in line with SAI platform FSA 2.0 standards and work on backward integration via world-class processor partnerships. These offer us the right quantity and quality of citrus raw materials even when harvests are tough. Our close cooperation along this value chain is complemented by selected natural citrus oil alternatives. By using other natural starting materials which are either extracted from botanicals or naturally synthesized, we get less dependent from citrus oil availability and pricing. Both routes combined allow Symrise to provide unique specialties based on proprietary and patented molecules & fractions, in order to enable our customers’ differentiating sensory fingerprints.

Key Processing Technology: Highest Quality & Cost Consistency
Symrise technology like SymTrap® can be directly installed in the sites of our juice processing partners, enabling us to use side streams most efficiently, optimizing recovery yields and ensuring a seamless supply chain. This separation science approach is complemented by natural processes like fermentation and enzymatic treatment which generate natural flavoring preparations. Like this we generate our own sustainable citrus raw materials, enabling unique sensory profiles, long-term quality and cost consistency.

Applied Analytical Understanding: Become Future-Proof
Our sensory-guided technical teams apply in-depth analytical understanding about the interactions of citrus raw materials and flavor & scent molecules in final applications. This allows us to ensure superior product stability throughout the shelf life, to craft authenticity and meet consumer liking.

Crafting Taste & Scent Solutions: Value for Money
By combining nature and science we compose truly sustainable solutions. Our collaborative ways of working enable the joint generation of winning innovation and productivity along the value chain together. We bring fresh perspectives by challenging the status quo with passion, thinking future-oriented to unlock great opportunities.

Working with Symrise you will quickly discover why our citrus solutions are “refreshingly different” and “always inspiring more…”

You can get a glimpse of how this comes to live from our “Sustainable Citrus in Calabria” documentary.
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