Symrise is a trailblazer in the world of vanilla – from the development of vanillin in 1874 until today. So far, Symrise is the only flavor provider with its own raw material sourcing, full backwards integration and proven sustainability when it comes to vanilla.

simply vanilla® is the umbrella brand for our comprehensive vanilla expertise in the areas of Consumer Insights, Research & Development, Marketing, Service and Innovation. simply vanilla® is the simple answer to a complex flavor and allows us to:

  • Unlock the complexity of vanilla for our customers and use it for the creation of new products
  • Cater to all market segments – from the mass market to super premium
  • “Fingerprint” brands
  • Ensure supply security, stable prices and consistent quality independent of market fluctuations
  • Maintain short innovation cycles
  • Identify consumer trends and develop products accordingly

Our comprehensive portfolio contains vanilla extracts, fair trade vanilla extracts, organic-certified vanilla extracts, natural vanilla flavors, nature-identical vanilla flavors and alternative vanilla products.

Additionally, Symrise also offers numerous services related to vanilla: Our flavorists work closely with customers to develop customized recipes. Sensory Analysis focuses on the sensory characteristics of end products, while Analytics works with cutting-edge technology to integrate the latest findings from strategic market and consumer research.

A consistent monitoring of raw materials is the basis for ensuring high quality for end products. Symrise offers full backwards integration for vanilla. At the plantations in Madagascar, we cooperate with roughly 300 farmers. Our experts, who work hand-in-hand with the farmers throughout the entire production cycle up until harvest, can have a direct influence on the vanilla’s future flavor properties at any time.

The Sensory & Consumer Science segment also works with vanilla, using the latest methods and survey techniques. Symrise is therefore positioned to carry out market research that is tailored to the needs of its individual customers. Studies include sensory product tests, where experienced testers evaluate the sensory profile of a product – its flavor, aromatic characteristics and haptic properties.