Natural, sustainable and with unbelievably diverse flavors: that’s onion!®
The onion is probably the most versatile and most frequently used vegetable in the world. Prepared differently, onions impart their distinctive and unmistakable flavor to a wide variety of dishes around the world. At the same time, onions are rarely overpowering and can usually be found as the basis of a flavorful foundation for an entire meal.

For decades, Symrise has been a renowned expert for taste solutions involving onions – not only in Europe, but also in Asia and the Middle East. We have pooled our extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the onion in that’s onion!®. From selection and sustainable, local cultivation to the production of onion juice concentrate and the composition of various onion flavors, we offer a wide and comprehensive selection of culinarily complex taste solutions for a wide variety of applications. Above all, and in addition to the large variety of flavors, we offer our customers the highest quality and guaranteed availability for the long term thanks to our own sustainable cultivation of the crops. We’re the onion experts – that’s onion!® is our brand.


The flavor profiles of that’s onion®

Raw onion: fresh, green, sharp onion notes. Ideal for bouillons, dressings and light sauces.

Boiled onion: boiled, sweet onion notes. Ideal for bouillons, soups and sauces.

Sautéed onion: onion sautéed in butter to varying degrees of intensity; sweet, buttery, crisp to lightly cooked. Ideal for soups and sauces.

Fried onion: Onion fried in vegetable oil to varying degrees. From lightly to intensely fried, from green, light and crisp or all the way to dark roasted and fried notes. Ideal for bouillons, soups and sauces.

Roasted onion: Onion roasted in the oven to varying degrees, from sweet to slightly bitter. Ideal for soups and sauces.