A healthy diet and the desire for a balanced lifestyle are global mega-trends. There is broad consumer acceptance and demand for OTC medicines, dietary supplements and diet foods, and a particular demand for products that offer concrete solutions, e.g. a healthy heart, firmer skin or boosting the effectiveness of exercise. At the same time, these products are expected to have a pleasant flavor. 

Consumer Health develops products that meet these consumer demands, offering a wide range of biofunctional ingredients and integrated flavor and masking solutions for health products and dietary supplements. Our profound competence in flavors and masking is further enhanced by our comprehensive knowledge of regulatory standards, our unique technologies and cutting-edge analytics. 

Our Competence Center Health & Nutrition is responsible for producing and compiling the latest research results and insights from nutrition, health and wellness. This Competence Center pools market trends, consumer expectations, information about product safety and regulations, data from nutrition and diet sciences, information about analytics, product and technology development.