Savory represents a global team of chefs, flavorists, application technicians and marketing experts passionately devoted to discovering new culinary trends. The Savory experts at Symrise ensure that every brand has an unmistakable flavor. Our recipe for success: Top flavor performance and consistent quality resulting in authentic and tasty flavors for industrially manufactured foods in the Culinary and Snack Food segments.


Meat, herbs and vegetables are the focus here. Creativity and molecular expertise allow us to create meat flavors of every imaginable type and for various regional preferences – whether cooked, roasted or stewed. Herbal and seasoning flavors give foods an appetizing fragrance and improved flavor. Thanks to exclusive extraction methods, we can deliver our customers specialties that are perfectly adapted to their needs. Our quick and gentle processing methods for vegetables help them retain their fresh taste and authentic character, while cutting-edge technology allows us to extract vegetable juice concentrates as the base for creative, natural vegetable flavors.


Healthy enjoyment, bold flavors, functional preparations and products created with specific events in mind: The creative flexibility in composing flavors and seasoning mixes as well as our expertise in the areas of applications, technology and sensory and consumer science make us a highly competent partner in the snack segment.

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