At the center of taste for life® stands Symrise’s core competency: taste. Whether the product promises health or perfect enjoyment – consumers do not accept compromises when it comes to taste.

Regarding consumer needs for health and enjoyment, Symrise has identified five taste solutions, with which product developments can be positioned:

Taste solutions for products with added functional value.

Stay Vital offers solutions with an optimal flavor profile for products that contain active ingredients and thereby contribute toward a healthier lifestyle.

Taste solutions for products that contribute toward a balanced diet with less salt, sugar and fat and without flavor enhancers.

Lighten Up maintains the good taste and the enjoyable perception of sweet, savory, juicy, creamy or umami flavors while using substantially less sugar, salt, fat or flavor enhancers.

Taste solutions for natural quality products.

Be Natural offers unique taste solutions based on natural ingredients – as only nature can deliver them. The result is an extraordinary flavor and a label that is entitled to include nature in its name.

Taste solutions that make food into an authentic experience.

Just Enjoy delivers full-bodied flavors and a wide range of taste traditions – and thereby ensures moments of enjoyment with an authentic taste perception.

Taste solutions for exciting sensory experiences.

Get Excited provides creative taste solutions that pose a challenge to the consumers’ senses and ensure stimulating, inspirational taste sensations.