The power of holistic action

It takes strength to get things moving. Symrise draws its entrepreneurial strength from holistic thinking and action. We create inspiring fragrance and flavor experiences, develop innovative food ingredients and, with our products, contribute to well-being and a nice look. In doing so, we both use and preserve the wide variety of resources that nature provides.

We work in international, interdisciplinary teams and foster long-term partnerships to gain new perspectives. We take into account the interests of different stakeholders when making decisions and embrace our responsibility for the environment and society. The strength we gain shapes and supports the sustainable growth of our company.

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Symrise Factbook 2020

Corporate Report 2020


Financial Report 2020


A year of highlights 

Our highlights across a sustainable, financially successful year

Our 2020 track record

We track our successes across five key areas: Economy, Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing and Care. In each area, our 2020 achievements show that we’re well on course to reach or exceed our 2025 goals.

Sustainable systematically

Symrise takes a systematic approach to sustainability. Based on our materiality analysis, we regularly identify key issues that are important for our business and in relation to our impact on the environment, society and our stakeholders. Specific goals demonstrate our ambitions and make progress visible and measurable.


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