January 2019

Gold for Symrise

Corporate | Financial January 17, 2019

Symrise updates long-term targets and aims to further expand its business until 2025

— Target corridor of 5 to 7 % for average annual sales growth (CAGR)

— Increased profitability with EBITDA margin in the range of 20 to 23 % from 2020 onward

— Continuation of successful strategy

— Expansion of portfolio and sharpening the product mix: focus on high-margin applications

— Updated targets for sustainability balance planned.


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Corporate | Financial January 31, 2019

Symrise strengthens Pet Food activities and expands US footprint with acquisition of ADF/IDF

— ADF/IDF is a leading meat and egg-based protein specialist and pioneer in all

natural nutrition ingredients generating annual sales of $ 220 million

— The nutrition and taste solutions to the pet food and food segments are highly

complementary to Symrise offerings

— A perfect fit in terms of culture and...

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Ad-Hoc January 31, 2019

Symrise AG: Mergers & Acquisitions: Signing of agreement to acquire International Dehydrated Foods, Inc., American Dehydrated Foods, Inc. as well as IsoNova Technologies LLC

Symrise AG / Key word(s): Mergers & Acquisitions/ExpansionSymrise AG: Mergers & Acquisitions: Signing

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February 2019

Ad-Hoc February 7, 2019

Symrise AG: Capital increase against cash contributions by way of an accelerated bookbuilding process

Symrise AG / Key word(s): Capital Increase/Mergers & AcquisitionsSymrise AG: Capital increase against

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Ad-Hoc February 8, 2019

Symrise AG: Symrise sets placement price of new shares - 5,614,036 shares successfully placed.

Symrise AG / Key word(s): Capital IncreaseSymrise AG: Symrise sets placement price of new shares - 5,614,036

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Corporate | Financial February 8, 2019

Symrise successfully completes capital increase

— Strong investor demand

— 5.614 million new shares placed

— Gross proceeds amount of € 400 million

— First refinancing element for acquisition of US company ADF/IDF completed

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Protecting climate, water and forests

Scent and Care | Corporate | Financial February 22, 2019

Protecting climate, water and forests: Symrise again rated well

— Nonprofit organization CDP awards Symrise A- and B grades

— Symrise is one of the most sustainable companies in its industry

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March 2019

Corporate | Financial March 13, 2019

Symrise successfully continues profitable growth course in 2018

— Strong organic sales growth of 8.8 %

— Sales increase of 5.3 % to € 3,154 million (reporting currency)

— Solid earnings with EBITDA at € 631million and EBITDA margin at 20.0 %

— Net income increases to over € 275 million

— Dividend increase to € 0.90 per share proposed


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