December 2014

Corporate | Sustainability December 11, 2014

German Sustainability Award 2014 Symrise Among Top 3 in Special Award Category “Resource Efficiency”

The 2014 German Sustainability Awards were presented in Düsseldorf on November 28, 2014. Symrise placed among the top 3 in the special award category...

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November 2014

Corporate | Financial November 13, 2014

Symrise Continues on Profitable Growth Track

— Group sales increase by 13 % at local currency to € 1,530 million

— First time consolidation of Diana Group in third quarter

— EBITDAN rises 18 %...

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October 2014

Corporate October 20, 2014

Carbon Disclosure Project Honors Symrise for Transparency on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

— Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index: First place in the MDAX within the energy and materials sector

— Conscious and strategic management of...

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Corporate October 15, 2014

Symrise Incorporates Subsidiary in Nigeria and Strengthens Presence in the African Market

— Subsidiary established for both segments Scent & Care and Flavor & Nutrition

— Presence in the fast-growing West African region strengthened


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Corporate October 14, 2014

Symrise Opens Production Site in Madagascar

— Ground-breaking investment in the local extraction of vanilla

— All process steps to be performed locally

— Social and financial commitment...

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September 2014

Flavor | Corporate September 26, 2014

Concluding Statement on the Manufacturing Process of Piperonal

Symrise welcomes the conclusion of the proceedings between German Customer Protection Group Stiftung Warentest and Ritter Sport and again confirms the...

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Corporate | Sustainability September 23, 2014

Symrise Nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2014

— Acknowledges measures to conserve resources

— Finalist in the category “Special Award for Resource Efficiency”

— Nominated for the second time...

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Flavor | Corporate September 9, 2014

Appeal by German Consumer Organization Stiftung Warentest Rejected: Symrise AG Sees Quality and Reliability of its Products Confirmed by Ruling of Higher Regional Court Munich

The Higher Regional Court Munich has rejected Stiftung Warentestʼs appeal against the preliminary injunction issued by the Munich District Court. With...

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August 2014

Scent and Care August 12, 2014

Universal and Versatile Skin Beautifier for all Ages from Ginger Root Symrise Launches SymVital® AR

— Promotes healthy radiance and even skin tone

— Visibly reduces signs of irritation-induced aging and UV spots

— 100 % pure and natural ginger root...

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Corporate | Financial August 7, 2014

Symrise Continues to Grow and Significantly Increases Profitability

— EBITDAN rises by 9 % to € 209 million

— EBITDAN margin reaches 22.2 %

— Group sales up by approximately 6 % at local currency

— Earnings per...

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July 2014

Corporate | Financial July 29, 2014

Symrise AG successfully closes acquisition of Diana Group

— Transaction fully cleared by worker’s counsel and antitrust authorities

— Immediate start of smooth integration process

— Creating an unparalleled...

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Flavor July 10, 2014

Culinary Insights to the Next Level Chefs United network of Symrise nearly doubled

— Scope of culinary insights expanded

— Number of chefs increased to over 26,000

— Information from more than 5,000 chefs in every major region

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Corporate | Financial July 3, 2014

Symrise Secures Financing for Diana Acquisition by Successfully Issuing a Bond

— € 500 million bond issued

— Comprehensive financing totaling € 1.3 billion secured

— The investors’ unwavering trust is a validation of the...

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June 2014

Scent and Care | Corporate June 10, 2014

ANOSMIA: Lives Without a Sense of Smell Interactive Exhibition with Fragrances created by Symrise

— Portraits of anosmia sufferers by photojournalist Eléonore de Bonneval

— Fragrances created by Symrise perfumer Evelyne Boulanger

— Interactive...

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May 2014

Corporate | Sustainability May 22, 2014

Symrise Enters Into Strategic Partnership to Preserve Biodiversity

— Cooperation with the NGOs Global Nature Fund and the Union for Ethical BioTrade for a comprehensive biodiversity concept

— Preservation of...

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Corporate | Sustainability May 16, 2014

Sharing Values – Symrise Corporate Report: Well on the Way to Integrated Reporting

— Comprehensive corporate report on performance in the fiscal year 2013

— Goal of report integration consistently advanced

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Corporate | Financial May 14, 2014

Symrise AG generates around € 400 million from capital increase

— High demand among investors

— Placement of around 11,150,000 shares

— Gross proceeds amount to around € 400 million

— First refinancing element...

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Corporate | Financial May 6, 2014

Symrise Records Strong First Quarter

— Group sales up by 8 % at local currency

— Increase in sales by 12 % in Emerging Markets

— EBITDA up 9 % to € 101 million – EBITDA margin of 21.5 %...

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April 2014

Corporate | Financial April 12, 2014

Acquisition of Diana Group – Symrise gearing up for second decade of accelerated growth

— Creates backward integrated flavor company with unique raw material base

— Broadens addressed market by becoming leading value-add supplier for pet...

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Scent and Care | Corporate April 9, 2014

Symrise Opens Site in the Amazon Ecoparque: Research and Manufacturing of Sustainable Fragrances and Cosmetics

— Sustainable ingredients for fragrances and cosmetics from the socio-biodiversity of the Amazon

— Integrates and applies advanced principles of...

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Scent and Care | Corporate April 1, 2014

SymTio™ S – for Sun Screens With a Better Skin Feel Symrise Coats Titanium Dioxide

— Improved skin feel for sun care formulations

— Special coating of titanium dioxide with the ester cetearyl nonanoate

— Patent applied for

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March 2014

Scent and Care | Corporate March 27, 2014

Symrise exhibits at in-cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg

— Product launches from various application areas

— Anti-aging ingredients and natural raw materials in focus

— Sustainable Shea butter for improved...

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Scent and Care | Corporate March 12, 2014

PCHi 2014: Cosmetic Ingredients SymHair® Force 1631 and SymSave® H Win Awards for Symrise

— SymHair® Force 1631 from microalgae successful as breakthrough ingredient

— Multifunctional stabilizer SymSave® H wins in the...

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Corporate | Financial March 10, 2014

Symrise Achieves Record Levels in Sales and Profitability in 2013

— Sales increase by 10 % at local currency in 2013

— Substantial 10 % increase in EBITDA to EUR 373.1 million

— Net income sets new all-time high...

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January 2014

Sustainability January 29, 2014

Unilever, Symrise and GIZ join forces to support vanilla farmers

— Partnership aims to positively impact thousands of vanilla farmers in Madagascar

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Flavor | Corporate January 13, 2014

Symrise Welcomes Continuance of Preliminary Injunction for Ritter Sport – Stiftung Warentest’s Appeal Denied

Munich District Court I rejected Stiftung Warentest’s appeal today against the preliminary injunction obtained by Ritter Sport. Symrise welcomes this...

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Corporate | Financial January 10, 2014

Symrise has increased its holdings in Probi to 30.03 per cent, which gives rise to an obligation to launch a mandatory public offer

This press release is not a public offering to acquire shares. This press release is not and must not, directly or indirectly, be distributed in or to...

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