March 2014

Scent and Care | Corporate March 12, 2014

PCHi 2014: Cosmetic Ingredients SymHair® Force 1631 and SymSave® H Win Awards for Symrise

— SymHair® Force 1631 from microalgae successful as breakthrough ingredient

— Multifunctional stabilizer SymSave® H wins in the functionals/preserving category

— Prizes acknowledge cosmetic expertise of Symrise

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Scent and Care | Corporate March 27, 2014

Symrise exhibits at in-cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg

— Product launches from various application areas

— Anti-aging ingredients and natural raw materials in focus

— Sustainable Shea butter for improved skin feel in Fair Trade and ECOCERT quality

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April 2014

Scent and Care | Corporate April 1, 2014

SymTio™ S – for Sun Screens With a Better Skin Feel Symrise Coats Titanium Dioxide

— Improved skin feel for sun care formulations

— Special coating of titanium dioxide with the ester cetearyl nonanoate

— Patent applied for

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Scent and Care | Corporate April 9, 2014

Symrise Opens Site in the Amazon Ecoparque: Research and Manufacturing of Sustainable Fragrances and Cosmetics

— Sustainable ingredients for fragrances and cosmetics from the socio-biodiversity of the Amazon

— Integrates and applies advanced principles of industrial ecology

— Supports communities in the Amazon region

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June 2014

Scent and Care | Corporate June 10, 2014

ANOSMIA: Lives Without a Sense of Smell Interactive Exhibition with Fragrances created by Symrise

— Portraits of anosmia sufferers by photojournalist Eléonore de Bonneval

— Fragrances created by Symrise perfumer Evelyne Boulanger

— Interactive exhibition in Bordeaux to be followed by global roll-out

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August 2014

Scent and Care August 12, 2014

Universal and Versatile Skin Beautifier for all Ages from Ginger Root Symrise Launches SymVital® AR

— Promotes healthy radiance and even skin tone

— Visibly reduces signs of irritation-induced aging and UV spots

— 100 % pure and natural ginger root extract

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