January 2016

Scent and Care | Corporate January 8, 2016

Two Industry Experts Joining the Cosmetic Ingredients Division of Symrise

— Arnaud Bellon appointed SVP Botanicals and Colors

— Caroline Baptiste assigned Global Product Manager Actives

— Strengthens Expertise of Cosmetic Ingredients Division

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February 2016

Scent and Care February 8, 2016

Cosmetic Ingredients Division of Symrise strengthens Senior Sales Management

— Andreas R. Hofmann appointed Regional Sales Director Cosmetic Ingredients

— Marie-Laure Roumiguière named Head of Global Account Management EAME Cosmetic Ingredients

— Reinforced and targeted Service to European Customers


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Scent and Care February 22, 2016

Inspiration from Far-off Fragrant Worlds: Symrise Perfumers Journey to Madagascar on a Scent Expedition

— Discovering sustainable sources for raw materials

— Enriching the inspiration and creativity of Symrise perfumers

— Develop unique qualities superior to standard materials


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Scent and Care February 29, 2016

High Impact Masterpieces for Scented Creations: Five Juniors Successfully Pass Symrise Perfumery School Exams

— Five young talents appointed Perfumers after successful exams

— Individual masterpieces to demonstrate strong expertise and creativity

— Underscores Symrise commitment to build perfumery capabilities to best-in-class in the industry

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March 2016

Scent and Care | Corporate March 31, 2016

Winning Ingredients for Skin Soothing: SymCare® and SymMollient® W/S Win Awards at PCHi 2016

— PCHi Innovation Award (Active Ingredients) for SymCare® – ready-made for sensitive Skin

— PCHi Innovation Award (Active Ingredients) for SymMollient® W/S – proven soothing efficacy

— Focus on consumer preferences in Asia


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April 2016

Scent and Care April 8, 2016

Storyline Launch: Better Living through Scent Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

— New Fragrance Storyline launched

— Highlights rich legacy and profound collaboration

— Pleasure with Purpose for conscious consumers

— Enables better living through scent

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August 2016

Scent and Care | Sustainability August 9, 2016

Symrise Sources Cosmetic Ingredients and Fragrances from the Amazon Certified Sustainably

— Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) certifies Symrise Amazon

— Fair, ethical, ecological – fruits and seeds from 14 local grower communities

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Scent and Care | Sustainability August 17, 2016

Welcome to the World of Vanilla: Symrise Launches Vanilla Website

— Official launch of vanilla.symrise.com

— Fascinating journey through the world of vanilla

— Demonstrates Symrise’s multi-faceted commitment to Sustainability

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Scent and Care August 19, 2016

Modern Scent for Cologne Cathedral Brings Inspiration and Calm to Video Game Fans

— SilentMOD installation to transform Cologne Cathedral into a haven of tranquility for gamescom visitors from August 18 to 20

— Incense 2.0: Symrise scent combines a sense of sacred tranquility with a refreshing boost inside the cathedral

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December 2016

Scent and Care December 14, 2016

The Undisputed Cosmetic Preservative: Effective Concepts for Product Protection – Symrise Launches SymOcide® C

— SymOcide® C – part of effective and safe preservation concepts – protects products and consumers

— fulfills market demand for alternatives to some conventional preservatives


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