September 2017

Flavor September 19, 2017

Discovering New Taste Horizons: With Vanilla

— Symrise and young influencers jointly develop taste ideas

— Goal: to understand millennials and develop trends

— Combining vanilla with salt and pepper

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Flavor September 29, 2017

Vanilla: Symrise Is Leading in Authenticity Verification

— Isotope ratio mass spectrometry and magnetic resonance spectrometer utilized

— Proof of authenticity: Customer requirements are being fulfilled

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October 2017

Flavor October 20, 2017

Symrise presents Oriental-influenced taste concepts at the Arabian Gulf

— Participation in Gulfood Manufacturing – leading trade show for food and beverages in the Arab region

— Symrise travels to Dubai with taste inspirations for the Middle East and North Africa

— Natural raw materials from the region as a foundation for authentic food and beverage concepts


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November 2017

Flavor November 1, 2017

Experience the Best Taste from Nature and Science at the “Food Ingredients Europe”

— Symrise Experience Center brings the cultivation of flavoring raw materials to life

— From nature to the table – exploring processes and consumer wishes

— Experience immersive culinary samples of multifaceted taste concepts

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Flavor November 27, 2017

The onion becomes a video star at the FIE, with a virtual expedition from the field to the plate

— For the FI Europe 2017, Symrise produced the virtual reality film “King of Onion 360°”

— Cultivation, harvesting, processing, cooking: Viewers embark on a virtual journey

— Unique 360-degree drone creates immersive film experience

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