December 2016

Scent and Care December 14, 2016

The Undisputed Cosmetic Preservative: Effective Concepts for Product Protection – Symrise Launches SymOcide® C

— SymOcide® C – part of effective and safe preservation concepts – protects products and consumers

— fulfills market demand for alternatives to some conventional preservatives


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Corporate | Financial December 7, 2016

Symrise AG: Executive Board contract of Heinz-Jürgen Bertram extended ahead of schedule until 2022

— Supervisory Board reaffirms Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram as CEO for a further five-year term

— The Group continues with profitable growth course

— Strategic focus remains on fast-growing market segments, portfolio diversification and access to natural ingredients

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November 2016

Sustainability November 28, 2016

Symrise on Top in 2016 German Sustainability Awards

— The global manufacturer of fragrances and flavors based in Lower Saxony is one of the five most sustainable large corporations in Germany

— Symrise stands out thanks to its systematic sustainability management and measures to preserve biodiversity

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Sustainability November 23, 2016

Symrise, Unilever and GIZ join forces with Save the Children

— to support vanilla farming communities in Madagascar

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Corporate | Financial November 2, 2016

Symrise optimistic for full year 2016

— Sales in first nine months of the year up 16 % (in local currency) to € 2,192 million

— EBITDAN increase by 7 % to € 480 million

— High profitability with EBITDAN margin of 21.9 %

— Sale of industrial activities to French specialist provider DRT in the course of portfolio optimization

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Corporate | Financial November 2, 2016

Symrise AG and DRT sign agreement regarding the acquisition of Pinova Inc.

— DRT acquires Pinova Inc. from former Pinova Holdings, Inc. for a purchase price of USD 150 million

— With Pinova Inc., DRT will significantly expand its portfolio with industry applications and strengthen its position in US markets

— Symrise will sharpen its fragrance materials business, advancing the expansion of solutions based on natural ingredients

— Symrise...

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October 2016

Sustainability October 25, 2016

Carbon Disclosure Project 2016 – Symrise in the Climate A List Yet Again

— Symrise leads the energy and materials sector and the MDAX stock index.

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Sustainability October 17, 2016

Symrise Nominated as Germany’s Most Sustainable Large Corporation 2016

— Pioneer in resource protection and biodiversity conservation

— Effective sustainability management

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September 2016

Corporate | Financial September 20, 2016

Symrise adds two members to its Executive Board

— Members appointed in response to the dynamic business development

— Heinrich Schaper to serve as Global President of the Flavors division and Jean-Yves Parisot as Global President of the Diana division

— More than five decades' experience in the flavoring and food ingredients industry

— Appointments to take effect on October 1, 2016

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Financial | Sustainability September 14, 2016

Symrise: Notable Sustainability

— Sustainability rating agency EcoVadis awards Symrise gold status for its corporate social responsibility

— Systematic valuation of sustainability with regard to the environment, social aspects, ethics and sourcing management

— Reference portal for strategically important customers and partners


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August 2016

Scent and Care August 19, 2016

Modern Scent for Cologne Cathedral Brings Inspiration and Calm to Video Game Fans

— SilentMOD installation to transform Cologne Cathedral into a haven of tranquility for gamescom visitors from August 18 to 20

— Incense 2.0: Symrise scent combines a sense of sacred tranquility with a refreshing boost inside the cathedral

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Scent and Care | Sustainability August 17, 2016

Welcome to the World of Vanilla: Symrise Launches Vanilla Website

— Official launch of

— Fascinating journey through the world of vanilla

— Demonstrates Symrise’s multi-faceted commitment to Sustainability

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Corporate | Financial August 11, 2016

Symrise determinedly pursues growth course and expansion of business activities

— Sales in first half up by 16 % at local currency to € 1,463 million

— EBITDAN increases by 8 % to € 323 million

— EBITDAN margin with 22.1 % still at excellent level

— Targets for 2016: outperforming market growth and now generating an EBITDA margin above 20 %


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Scent and Care | Sustainability August 9, 2016

Symrise Sources Cosmetic Ingredients and Fragrances from the Amazon Certified Sustainably

— Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) certifies Symrise Amazon

— Fair, ethical, ecological – fruits and seeds from 14 local grower communities

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July 2016

Sustainability July 11, 2016

Notable Sustainability: Symrise Receives Two “German Awards for Excellence” for Sustainability Management

— DQS recognizes German companies with sustainability Awards

— Symrise impresses with responsible sourcing management and its own ecoscorecard


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May 2016

Corporate | Financial May 10, 2016

Symrise off to a strong start in 2016

— Sales up by 14 % at local currency

— Satisfactory growth in both segments

— EBITDAN increase by 6 % to € 158 million

— Profitability remains strong, with EBITDAN margin of 21.7 %

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Sustainability May 2, 2016

Sustainability Requires Transparency: Symrise Reports According to Global Reporting Initiative Standards

— Symrise’s Sustainability Report independently verified and confirmed by DQS CFS GmbH – German Association for Sustainability

— Stakeholders can find details on Symrise’s sustainability efforts on the web


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April 2016

Corporate April 14, 2016

Symrise opens its own site in Iran

— Commitment to an opening market and to customers across the Persian Gulf

— Trading hub between East and West

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Scent and Care April 8, 2016

Storyline Launch: Better Living through Scent Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

— New Fragrance Storyline launched

— Highlights rich legacy and profound collaboration

— Pleasure with Purpose for conscious consumers

— Enables better living through scent

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Sustainability April 6, 2016

DQS successfully concludes Assurance Review of Symrise Sustainability Report

For the second year in a row Symrise has engaged DQS to provide third party assurance over its sustainability report. After a thorough evaluation of the report, the assessors have come to the conclusion that the Symrise Sustainability Report is a credible and material representation of the Symrise sustainability record.

The Assurance Process

The Symrise...

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March 2016

Scent and Care | Corporate March 31, 2016

Winning Ingredients for Skin Soothing: SymCare® and SymMollient® W/S Win Awards at PCHi 2016

— PCHi Innovation Award (Active Ingredients) for SymCare® – ready-made for sensitive Skin

— PCHi Innovation Award (Active Ingredients) for SymMollient® W/S – proven soothing efficacy

— Focus on consumer preferences in Asia


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Corporate March 21, 2016

Symrise AG: Achim Daub reaffirmed in his role as Executive Board member ahead of schedule

The Supervisory Board of Symrise AG has extended the contract of Executive Board member Achim Daub ahead of schedule until the end of 2021. Achim Daub has been part of the Executive Board since 2006 and since then been in charge of the Scent & Care segment. With the early renewal of his contract, Symrise is ensuring continuity at the executive board level.

Dr. Thomas...

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Corporate | Financial March 8, 2016

Symrise generates substantial gains in sales and earnings in 2015

— Group sales up 23 % to € 2.6 billion

— Double-digit growth in all regions

— EBITDA rises 23 % to € 572.2 million; EBITDA margin at an outstanding level of 22 %

— Annual net income up 17 % to € 246.8 million

— Proposed dividend increase from € 0.75 to € 0.80 per share

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February 2016

Scent and Care February 29, 2016

High Impact Masterpieces for Scented Creations: Five Juniors Successfully Pass Symrise Perfumery School Exams

— Five young talents appointed Perfumers after successful exams

— Individual masterpieces to demonstrate strong expertise and creativity

— Underscores Symrise commitment to build perfumery capabilities to best-in-class in the industry

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Scent and Care February 22, 2016

Inspiration from Far-off Fragrant Worlds: Symrise Perfumers Journey to Madagascar on a Scent Expedition

— Discovering sustainable sources for raw materials

— Enriching the inspiration and creativity of Symrise perfumers

— Develop unique qualities superior to standard materials


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Scent and Care February 8, 2016

Cosmetic Ingredients Division of Symrise strengthens Senior Sales Management

— Andreas R. Hofmann appointed Regional Sales Director Cosmetic Ingredients

— Marie-Laure Roumiguière named Head of Global Account Management EAME Cosmetic Ingredients

— Reinforced and targeted Service to European Customers


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January 2016

Scent and Care | Corporate January 8, 2016

Two Industry Experts Joining the Cosmetic Ingredients Division of Symrise

— Arnaud Bellon appointed SVP Botanicals and Colors

— Caroline Baptiste assigned Global Product Manager Actives

— Strengthens Expertise of Cosmetic Ingredients Division

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