Driven by a strong pioneering spirit, Diana, our nutrition division, transforms the best of nature into high-quality and trustworthy solutions.

Diana is a world leader in natural ingredient-based solutions for the agro-food sector. It is organized into 3 market-oriented business units -Food, Pet Food and Aquaculture, and has one activity in the probiotics domain via a majority stake in Probi. Diana also holds an incubation structure, Diana Nova, which focuses in new areas in health and nutrition.


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Inspiring by nature

From meat, fish, to fruits and vegetables, we valorize ingredients drawn from nature. We develop highly qualitative natural based solutions enhancing the well-being of people, their pets and fishes in the aquaculture, through four fields of expertise:

Health & Nutrition
Food Protection

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Diana Food provides consumers well-being solutions from natural and sustainable ingredients.

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Pet Food

Diana Pet Food is the global leader and pioneer of high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction.

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Diana Aqua develops and delivers natural and sustainable solutions for aquaculture, enhancing the nutrition and health of farmed fish and shrimp.



Diana Nova accelerates and incubates activities and businesses to explore new territories in health and nutrition.

Valuing what nature offers

Our origins

Our nutrition division, embodied by Diana, is above all the story of passionate people driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, a collaborative spirit and a philosophy of responsibility.

Created in 1990 from the synergy of different businesses, Diana roots go back to 1952 in Brittany, France, where a miller called Jean Guyomarc'h launched his company specialized in food products for poultry.

A passionate innovator, he constantly sought to develop new products, pushing his exploration further and further to turn co-products into natural, valuable food extracts. It was, at that time already, an avant-garde approach to sustainability.

Developing innovative solutions responsibly

For individuals

Satisfy consumers’ needs for well-being and balanced nutrition

For the population

Feed all populations, keeping them in optimal health

For our planet

Develop sustainable nutrition adapted to upcoming needs and environmental changes

Our supply chain is fully integrated, and we cultivate responsible partnerships with suppliers, enabling us to provide sustainable solutions. By mastering the sourcing of the raw materials we process, our customers benefit from clean label solutions and full transparency.

Fusionning science and nature: our innovative engine for growth

How? By constantly seeking new sources of sustainable and safe raw material, exploring new “soft” technologies to leverage the best of nature and demonstrating the performance of our solutions.

To explore new territories in health and nutrition, we have launched Diana Nova with the aim of incubating and accelerating activities and businesses on 3 platforms:

Food protection

Natural gut modulations

Valorization of side streams


of our human resources are dedicated to research & development in the nutrition division

Stories from the forefront of Nutrition

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All about the berries

Cranberries have been known to be beneficial for one’s health for centuries. They are said to provide cell protection as antioxidants and to help preventing urinary tract and bladder infections.

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Fine fish food

Fish is popular, and stocks are dwindling.

Insight into Diana Aqua, developing a sustainable concept and unique business model for Aquaculture.


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