Diana Nova focuses on activities with a high degree of growth and future potential, including aquaculture and plant cell culture. 


Diana Aqua

Diana Aqua offers a unique and sustainable range of marine based functional hydrolysates for high-performance aquafeed. Diana Aqua has a strong expertise in fish and shrimp feeding behavior and nutrition. Its functional hydrolysates can improve the palatability and nutritional efficiency of feed, thereby substantially improving the productivity of aquaculture farms. 



DianaPlantSciences applies a whole food approach to deliver functional ingredients in a far higher concentration than usually found in Nature. The division uses selected and rare plants to produce potent functionals that add highly effective benefits to a wide range of formulations, including anti-ageing products, skin brighteners, skin and hair care, nutraceuticals in dietary supplements, and functional foods. 

DianaPlantSciences offers a unique expertise in plant cell cultures. To produce potent phytoactives which magnify the benefits of natural plants, DianaPlantSciences selects the best cell lines, an approach which also preserves biodiversity.

Profound competence in producing natural, high-performance ingredients combined with Diana’s bioscience expertise marks a milestone in the history and future of plant cell cultures. 

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