Emollients and emulsifiers are used in numerous cosmetic products around the world. They give end products the desired texture and appearance while also having a positive effect on application quality. Additionally, they improve care characteristics and stabilize cosmetic products.

Emollients help care for skin: Thanks to the lipids used, emollients have a smoothing effect, provide moisture and make the skin appear softer while regulating its moisture content.

Emulsifiers/solubilizers are used in emulsions and contain pure aqueous and aqueous-alcoholic systems: The polar (hydrophilic) aqueous phase and the apolar (lipophilic) lipid or oil phase of an emulsion can only achieve stability and homogeneity with additives such as emulsifiers. Symrise offers a range of specialized products for these applications, e.g. PEG-free, food-grade, vegetable-based emulsifiers; PEG-free phosphate emulsifiers; PEG-free vegetable-based liquid emulsifiers for cold-cold emulsification (food-grade).