Protection from the sun’s rays is vital. Numerous recreational activities take place outdoors, and having a tan is viewed by many as a sign of fitness and beauty.

But in addition to its positive effects, UV radiation can cause substantial damage to skin: UV-B radiation can cause sunburns or serious skin burns, while UV-A radiation can penetrate to the deeper layers of skin tissue and accelerate the aging process. Too much sunbathing can even lead to skin cancer.

Skin needs to be protected from the sun’s potentially harmful effects. With Neo Heliopan®, Symrise offers a broad portfolio of UV filters. It combines UV-A and UV-B filters with mineral pigments like zinc oxide to create a modern sunscreen for daily use.

Innovative developments like SymHelios® 1031 expand the benefits of sunscreen in a meaningful way: SymHelios® 1031 protects the skin from premature aging caused by negative environmental influences (UV-B radiation, car emissions, cigarette smoke and industrial environmental pollutants).