PublicationsSymrise published its first corporate social responsibility report, entitled We Have the Future in Mind, in 2006, and we have since published a report on our sustainability activities every year. In 2012, we have decided to stop publishing separate financial and sustainability reports and went in the direction of integrated reporting. In doing so, we are keeping up with the continuously progressing integration of sustainability into our business model.

You will find current corporate reports on our website investors/reports.


Sustainable Solutions 2011

» PDF download (6.4 MB)

CSR Report 2010

» PDF download (2.7 MB)

CSR Report 2009

» PDF download (2.7 MB)

CSR Report 2008

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2016 Corporate Report (Short Version)
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Sustainability Record 2016
(GRI Report)
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If you have any questions, suggestions or comments to make about our sustainability efforts, we are at your service.

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Sustainability Communications

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