Our values ​​describe the attitude and the cooperation to which we commit ourselves at Symrise. They give us guidance and explain how we achieve our goals. Using specified guidelines they determine our thinking and action in everyday business.


Is our driver of innovations with which we bring our claim of always inspiring more to life


Outstanding performance for customers, consumers and markets: Profitability, entrepreneurial vision and uncompromising quality ensure our success.


We are individually and collectively aware of our responsibility we owe society as a company. That's why sustainability is one of our core principles guiding our actions.


Our employees are the key to the success of Symrise. We stimulate our employees with challenges, encourage them to take on responsibility and help them develop.


Trust and honesty serve as the foundation of our teamwork. This is as true in working with fellow employees as it is with all of our stakeholders, and it represents a core element of our code of conduct.

Added Value

Intelligent added benefits and integrated services for our customers, enjoyable and rewarding experiences for the customer and strategic growth for Symrise.