Symrise CEO video 2018
Interview with Dr Bertram in the old villa. A unique heritage site at the Symrise location in Holzminden. Lucy Hartley from INVESTIS met the CEO of Symrise to talk with him about the fiscal year 2017.

King of onion 360 degree
Why is the onion considered the queen of the kitchen, and why is Symrise the king of onion? You will find answers to these questions in this clip shot with 360° virtual reality technology.

Sustainable Citrus in Calabria
Following in the footsteps of our Vanilla engagement in Madagascar, we have reached the first milestone in Citrus Sustainability.
Discover Calabria and learn more about our collaboration with local farmers in Italy.

Growing together
In 2015, Symrise generated sales of € 2.6 billion – an increase of 23 percent. At 22 percent, the EBITDA margin was at the upper end of their long-term objectives. The net income increased by 17 percent to € 247 million: A fantastic result. Symrise wants to further increase its success in the coming years – with selected customers in clearly defined markets.

Grandir ensemble (en version originale sous-titrée)
En 2015, Symrise a généré un chiffre d’affaires de 2,6 milliards d’euros, soit une augmentation de 23 pour cent. Avec 22 pour cent de marge d’EBITDA, nous avons largement atteint nos objectifs à long terme. Le revenu net a augmenté de 17 pour cent et s’élève à 247 millions d’euros : un résultat absolument fantastique. Symrise veut confirmer son succès au cours des prochaines années, avec des clients sélectionées dans des marchés clairement définis.

Madagascar - our sustainable engagement
For approx. 22 million people on Madagacar agriculture is the main industry and the source of income. Many work at farms harvesting one of the world's most important sweet flavorings: vanilla. 7,000 farmers produce high quality crops for Symrise. To improve life and prospects for Madagascan farming communities, Symrise has introduced a series of progressive initiatives in healthcare, education and crop diversification.

Chefs United®
The Global Chefs Network. With the exclusive access to Chefs United Symrise is able to recognize local consumer taste preferences and create special taste solutions.

Video about Symrise’s Values
Hanna and Peter provide a glimpse into Symrise’s values in an explanatory video. These values act as guidelines for the day-to-day activities of employees.

that's onion®
That's onion! Naturally perfect. Onion is a culinary allrounder and the queen of the kitchen. A lot of dishes need the onion, to develop a perfect taste. Symrise fully understands and lives the onion - in every detail. Symrise creates perfect taste solutions - on a natural basis and impressive sustainability.

discover chicken®
discover chicken® is the Symrise brand for refined and unique taste solutions for chicken. discover chicken® represents a new generation of culinary chicken flavors: for authentic flavor profiles and an impressive variety of tastes suitable for delicious creations of all kinds.

Chefs United®
The Global Chefs Network. With the exclusive access to Chefs United Symrise is able to recognize local consumer taste preferences and create special taste solutions.

discover beefTM
Beef is one of the most important and valued kinds of meat. The tastes of beef are manifold and thus create a multisensorial culinary experience. Through the worldwide network Chefs United® Symrise knows the secrets of the kitchens of the world very well.



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