Aroma Molecules are key components in the world of fragrances and flavors. From traditional raw materials to special products: Symrise caters to a broad spectrum of product classes with original, high-quality and innovative ingredients that give fragrances and flavors their unique signature.

As one of the most important suppliers of macrocyclic musk compounds (MCMs), we offer the greatest possible flexibility in the development process and provide optimal results with a wide range of biodegradable MCMs. Menthols, and L-menthol in particular, round out the range of aromatic substances and compounds. They are used in oral hygiene products and pharmaceuticals as well as in mint flavors and fragrances.

With over a century of terpene experience and knowledge, our products can be found across a broad array of market segments.  Additionally, we are committed to the creation of new and differentiated sensory products, as well as discovery of new applications in order to satisfy today’s customers, who demand specific sensory experiences. >> more information

Generating aromatic substances and compounds from renewable resources is one of the focuses of Symrise’s research activities. Today, all of our development efforts follow the principles of green chemistry. Sustainable production processes, personal safety and environmental protection are all given top priority.