Perfumer to Perfumer: Meet David Apel and Enrique Gomez, Symrise Perfumers in New York

The conversation between perfumers is one of curiosity, creativity and passion. Symrise is unique in its commitment to fostering the collaboration of our perfumers, for a synergistic exploration of the boundaries of beauty.

When vice presidents and award-winning senior perfumers Dave Apel and Enrique Gomez got together, the conversation centered on how they found themselves in this world. Enrique’s always been interested in fragrances, building memories of aromas connected positively to his youth: from his dad’s aftershave, “every time I smell it,” he said, “it’s like he’s next to me,” to his own first fragrance purchase.

I have very nice and beautiful memories, like every perfumer.

– Enrique Gomez, V.P. Senior Perfumer, Symrise

In contrast, David didn’t realize his destiny until he was already working in an entry-level position at a fragrance house. “I immediately just fell in love with the materials,” he explained. Captivating oils, unctuous liquids, and mesmerizing solid resins created a place of exotic mystery for this boy from the woods of the American Northeast. When he started mixing his own blends just for fun he was taken under the wing of a senior perfumer and trained in the centuries old art of perfumery.

It’s another kind of mental challenge. A puzzle. How do I make that note without using the thing I always used before? And that kind of makes it interesting.

– David Apel, V.P. Senior Perfumer, Symrise

Through his perfumery explorations, he is able to exercise his artistic style, which he likens to a prehistoric cave painting: bold strokes over fine detail, exposing the primal nature of the creative process.

This meeting of the minds of two devoted perfumers begins to uncover the collaborative nature of the way artists create at Symrise, and why their work is made inimitable.

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