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Aroma Molecules

Aroma Molecules are key components for fragrance and flavor creations. They are the essence of what grabs attention and gives a product its unique signature. From traditional raw materials to unusual and prized products, Symrise as a global leading supplier of fragrance and flavor raw materials delivers a broad spectrum of original, high-quality and innovative ingredients across a range of product classes, including synthetics, renewables and naturals. We add a hint of pleasure to products we use everyday. Personal and home care products are fragranced to delight our senses, some well-known fragrances, which are used over years evoke our childhood memories and create a feeling of home and security. With fine fragrances we complete our personality and remain a statement to ourselves. Due to cooling effects in oral care, we are able to start a fresh and promising day. And to pleasure your life our special flavor ingredients are in every application from sweet to savory, which guides you through the day.

Aroma Molecules are more than a business, it’s an awareness of life.

Today, our every effort follows the principles of green chemistry. Naturally occurring, renewable and sustainable elements are harnessed to produce fragrance and sensory components for some of the world’s best-known brands. Providing exquisitely sensorial experiences via responsible production, personal safety and environmental protection.

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Special F&F Ingredients

Special Fragrance & Flavor Ingredients

Our Original and innovative aroma molecules provide an unmistakable signature to fragrances and flavors. Through years of experience, constant development and consideration of current topics, Symrise offers a broad spectrum of aromatic substances for every olfactory and taste experience, protected by our know-how, technology and patents.

Especially with High Impact materials, Symrise unites sustainability, variety and power in exceptional single molecules while emphasizing a unique character to fragrance and flavor creations.

One of our most powerful High Impact materials is Ambrocenide® cryst., an ambery woody molecule which impresses through strength and stability. After its launch, Ambrocenide® cryst. is one of our most brilliant stars in the aroma molecules world. Our successful and outstanding molecule enriches every creation and adds a recognizable fingerprint to all fragrances.

Moreover we are one of the leading producers within the macrocyclic musk business. Our musks have their origin in nature, we impress our customers with diversity, convincing performance and stability. Highlights out of our macrocyclic musk ketones are Globanone®, bright and cheerful, and Aurelione®, rich and tempting. Musk is our passion.

Furthermore we offer richness, boost and character with our Special Flavor Ingredients. Our range embraces natural flavoring substances as well as flavoring substances depending on our customer needs.

Menthols & Coolants

Menthols & Coolants

The experience of cleanliness arises from the essential components of coolness and freshness. With scientific passion and creative intuition, Symrise has perfected these sensations  using menthols and other select Symrise physiological cooling agents. Each coolant provides unique consumer benefits in terms of intensity and longevity combined with negligible odors and low volatility. 

With the broadest Menthol and Coolants global portfolio, beginning with having produced L-menthol and related products in Germany and the USA since 1973, the Symrise experience is felt around the world in mint flavors and fragrances for oral hygiene products, confectionaries, pharmaceuticals, and more.

The Symcool® coolants line offers unique odorless, flavorless cooling agents that help intensify and extend the flavor and the cool fresh feeling during the final application.

These profound responses are triggered by a flavor experience so unique it captivates as it creates well-being.


Gasodor® S-Free

Climate preservation is one of the greatest challenges of our time. And we have a responsibility to work towards it whenever we can. Gasodor® S-Free has set completely new standards in natural gas odorization as the world’s first DVGW type-tested, sulfur-free odorant. The groundbreaking technology combines environmental compatibility with the highest standards of safety, cost-effectiveness and technology.

Gasodor® S-Free is an innovative, ecological solution for all natural-gas suppliers that take climate protection seriously. Typical natural-gas odorants contain sulfur, and Gasodor® S-Free does not, representing substantial, sustainable relief for the environment.

Gasodor® S-Free is the result of years of research conducted in cooperation with Ruhrgas AG Essen and the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (the Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas und Wasserfachs e.V., or DVGW) in Bonn. Today, Gasodor® S-Free is already being used throughout numerous municipal networks – successfully, and sustainably.

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Terpene Ingredients

Terpene Ingredients

Throughout our history, we’ve been bringing innovation and expertise to the cleaner production of terpene ingredients—beginning with the creation of dihydromyrcenol and continuing through the development of revolutionary green chemistry, which is replacing otherwise heavily polluting processes. To this day, we are the only manufacturer to make anethole, linalools and various other widely used fragrance ingredients from renewable materials.

By using naturally occurring renewable and sustainable feedstocks—crude sulfate turpentine from the pulp & paper industry, and D-limonene from the citrus industry—we can produce integral components for diverse applications in a more earth-friendly way.

Scientific passion and creative ingenuity have found their way into all of our terpene ingredients, and today they can be found across a broad array of market segments in some of the world's best known brands in beauty, personal, and oral care as well as everyday household products available everywhere.

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