The Scent & Care segment is constantly working to develop new molecules. Our expertise in the areas of organic chemistry, plant extraction and biotechnology act as the foundation for these efforts.

Organic chemistry – We use the latest technologies for our synthesis work. Our expertise comprises innovative technologies like microreactor technology, photochemistry, olefin metathesis and multiple parallel synthesis. Molecular modeling helps to develop new fragrance molecules more efficiently. To achieve a higher grade of sustainability and profitability, we are developing and optimizing our production processes according to the principles of green chemistry, placing particular emphasis on research and screening for new catalysts. These activities are supported by collaborations with our academic network partners.

Plant extraction – Symrise is constantly in search of new plant sources for its products. Hot spots such as Madagascar or Australia are of great interest, as are traditional sources in Western Europe and the USA. All activities fully comply with the “Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)” and are performed in close collaboration with local partners.

The isolation and structural analysis of new, plant-based active ingredients is the Analytics department’s special area of expertise. All relevant technologies for natural raw material extraction, pure ingredient isolation and structural analysis are used here.

Biotechnology – “White Biotechnology” (i.e. the production of chemicals by microorganisms) supplements the Scent & Care manufacturing process portfolio. Symrise is currently engaged in two government-funded biotechnology projects focused on the production of fragrances from renewable resources. Scent & Care is also involved in additional independent projects in collaboration with biotechnology companies.