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A renowned source of avant-garde actives, a trailblazer in the field of innovative solutions for product preservation, a pioneer in protection from sun and environmental aggressors, a leading supplier of botanicals, and a reliable source for functionals and special color solutions. At the core of what sets Symrise apart is a relentless drive to develop and market the most innovative and sought after Cosmetic Ingredients.

Our unique perspective comes from over 100 years of molecule engineering, an intertwining of nature, chemistry and biology with the science of consumer perception to create the perfect molecule for specific consumer needs. This gives us a unique competence to accompany each and every aspect of new product developments for skin and hair care, integrating scientific breakthroughs, formulation support, consumer insights, sensory design and storytelling.

As a global scientific leader in the industry, our global research centers in Holzminden, Germany and Sao Paolo, Brazil provide avant-garde ingredient solutions, and support these with the design of comprehensive in vitro / ex vivo / in vivo tests for innovative claim substantiation. R&D is supported and inspired by our Scientific Advisory Board, comprising leading international dermatologists and researchers. Regional application labs are the key success factors for the local transitioning of our results. It is with this scientific passion and creative intuition that we are able to engineer innovative solutions for consumers.

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Advanced Actives

As the world is getting smaller, hotter, tougher, the environmental stressors increase, causing skin and hair to become more sensitive and reactive to the environment. As such, there’s a growing need for more dynamic, nature-inspired skin and hair care solutions.

Taking into account the diversity of consumers all around the world, connected to the way people live and use cosmetic products, Symrise, a global leader in creating world-class raw materials for skin and hair care, offers ingredients with proven effectiveness. Our own core expertise in e.g. sensitive skin, anti-aging and anti-pollution, combined with the support from our Scientific Advisory Board, lead to ingredients with consumer perceivable benefits backed by clinical studies.

Our excellence in the areas of natural product, organic and analytical chemistry, in combination with efficacy screening, as well as global trend analysis, allows for tailor made, deeply original components. Anti-aging, anti-pollution, skin-brightening/skin-tanning, sensitive skin and cooling/warming ingredients come seamlessly through this sophisticated molecule engineering, focused on addressing the latest discoveries in skin science and consumer desires.

Product Protection

Product Protection

A revolutionary product requires groundbreaking protection against microbial contamination. At Symrise, we’ve committed to developing a range of alternatives to traditional preservatives that are effective, safe and approved for use in the cosmetic industry.

No longer can we be satisfied with a single highly potent molecule. Today, we think in terms of minimal concentrations, product interactions, synergistic effects, multi-functionality, while, most importantly, taking the consumer’s need for safe, undisputed solutions into account. Which is why, in the last decade, we have been the innovation leader of the industry by developing a comprehensive toolbox of multi-functional ingredients for product protection. We consult and guide our customers in finding the optimal preservative system for their diverse formulations.

Original Extracts

Original Extracts

Plants are not only effective ingredients; they are powerful sources of inspiration. As a market leader in manufacturing plant extracts and with over 60 years of experience, we optimize nature with cutting-edge technology to create transformative results for leading cosmetic companies around the world. 

Our synergistic work with marketing, consumer research and trend experts is the basis to reawaken our customers’ interest in the power of plants.

Sustainability is at the core of our efforts with transparent traceability and a focus on caring for the environments from which we source our materials—and the communities that live in them.

From the natural, traditional and exotic plant extracts of the Extrapone® series, to the highly effective, skin and hair enhancing plant extracts of Actipone®, to SymOleo® natural plaint oils and butters, Symrise ingredients have played an essential role in the success of numerous leading cosmetic brands across the world.

Broader Sun Protection

Broader Sun Protection

The sun’s warming rays are positively magnetic. But without the proper protection, those rays can do more harm than you realize.

For over 80 years, Symrise has been a pioneer in shielding skin from Ultra Violet light, and more recently also from Infra Red and even Visible Light—the full spectrum of modern protection. Our comprehensive portfolio is held to the highest safety standards, and is REACH compliant. Additionally, we support our customers with broad market and formulation knowledge.

Exceptional sun protection that reduces the risk of exposure is just one more way that we challenge the boundaries of scientific reality to positively affect humanity.

High Performance Functionals

High-Performance Functionals

Exquisite touch and texture bring our high-performance functionals (emulsifiers, emollients and solubilizers) to the heart of a consumer’s experience. And this is true around the world. Our global networks of application labs use local knowledge to tailor these solutions to a variety of cultures and ethnicities.

Emulsions are a conventional way of mixing oils and water in a stable way. Symrise emulsifiers are the ingredients that ensure the product’s stability, and have a remarkable influence on the way the product feels on the skin.

The properties of skin and hair care products such as moisturizing, lubricating, conditioning and softening can be influenced by the choice of emollients. Novel cosmetic ingredients have been successfully launched over decades—from our groundbreaking PCL-Liquid, which mimicked the protection mechanisms of the preen-gland oil of waterfowl in the 1960s to our newly launched SymMollient® W/S, an emollient with itch preventing properties in cosmetic rinse-off formulas.

Effectively integrating oil soluble actives and botanicals into product formulation is key to prestige performance, as is the incorporation of fragrances in aqueous based cosmetic products. Here, solubilizers are essential for producing a stable formulation. With many years of in-house expertise in Actives, Botanicals, Sun Protection and Fragrances, we’ve been able to optimize our blends of solubilizers for exceptional efficacy.

Color Solutions

Color Solutions

We have been transforming the ephemeral into the tangible for over 70 years with the development of SymColor®. This experience results in the superior production of highly stable synthetic colorants, dyes and pigments, custom coloring agents and colorant development for all usage areas. And through concentrated color liquids and pastes, dustless handling of powders has become beautiful reality. Just as important, our dedicated color facility ensures safety and fully integrated quality control, cutting down production time, and significantly shortening the time to market.

Creating individual and performing color solutions has always been the focus of our business activities. We understand successful product development as a logical flow of understanding consumer insight and translating it into focused concept development.

Hair Inside Out

Hair Inside Out

Welcome to a world of creatively driven, multi-dimensional hair expertise. A place where experience in the fields of actives, botanicals, product protection, functionals, sun defense and colors combine to create new solutions for all hair types, today and tomorrow.

Hair Care is one of the most dynamic and innovative cosmetic markets in today’s world. Symrise develops ingredients to provide answers to consumer needs, dreams and desires. Across cultures and ethnicities, ingredients and molecules are screened using the most stringent criteria including volume, shine, pigmentation, strength, surface, and shape.

Active ingredients, oils and butters as well as product protection solutions, developed and harnessed by Symrise, provide real life, visible benefits that have been tested not only in a dedicated global research center, but also in our in-house salon.

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