Corporate Compliance at Symrise

Corporate compliance, meaning conformity to the respective national and local laws at all of our sites, is a basic requirement for sustainable business at an internationally operating company such as Symrise. That’s why Symrise developed an organization dedicated to compliance many years ago that reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Supervisory Board.

With its sub-organizations Integrated Management System, Risk Management, IT Security, Data Protection and Corporate Audit, Corporate Compliance has a cross-departmental function and monitors both legal and corporate requirements worldwide. At the same time, the organization also manages the company’s sustainability strategy.

Global document management ensures that standardized processes are implemented throughout the company and accessible for employees (e.g. core processes, guidelines, process and working instructions). The corporate regulations at Symrise consist of legal requirements and corresponding relevant stakeholder requirements as well as further-reaching regulations, such as those related to environmental responsibility, occupational health and product safety.

The basis of all compliance activities within the Symrise Group is set down in our own Code of Conduct. It provides employees with compulsory legal and ethical guidelines that apply across all regions. The Code of Conduct is available in seven languages and is continuously updated. Its current version can be viewed here.

As part of its compliance program, Symrise offers a global Integrity Hotline, where employees and business partners can receive ethical and legal advice over the phone or online. The service can also be used anonymously if needed and is available worldwide in numerous languages.

For further current information on Symrise AG’s compliance program, its preventative approaches and implemented measures, please refer to the Group’s corporate governance report or the current corporate report.



If you have any questions, suggestions or comments to make about our sustainability efforts, we are at your service.

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