Integrated Sustainability Management at Symrise

The Symrise Sustainability Board is responsible Group-wide for sustainability management. It is a global and cross-segment committee whose task is to integrate sustainability continuously in our core processes and determine the sustainability goals that will be implemented in the ­divisions. Since 2013, some of these sustainability goals have been integrated into the individual performance targets for all managers. Items such as the reduction of our CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2), the sustainable orientation of our innovation process or the sourcing of raw material from sustainable sources are rewarded. The Sustainability Board comes together several times per year to ensure that sustainability-relevant topics and the concerns of our important stakeholder groups are considered along the entire value chain. Together with the representatives from the Corporate Compliance and Corporate Communications departments, the sustainability officers from the two segments Flavor & Nutrition and Scent & Care comprise the Sustainability Core Team, which is responsible for the operational management of the sustainability agenda. The team reports directly to the CEO of Symrise AG every quarter. Addition­ally, a global network of voluntary sustainability ambassadors actively raises awareness for our sustainability agenda: “care teams” contribute to a deeper integration of sustainability into our daily actions by implementing targeted initiatives locally at all of the company’s regional headquarters as well as numerous other international sites. It is our declared goal to have every single employee acting as a sustainability ambassador, aware of their individual role and potential contribution. As part of our workshop “Next Level Sustainability,” 100 participants from all business units developed a common understanding for responsible business operations and their daily implementation in the workplace at Symrise. With this, we further develop our vision of a sustainable future – within Symrise and beyond.