“Consumers today take greater responsibility for their health care than ever before...

Vitamins, minerals and enriched health care nutrition are natural components of daily health prevention and over-the-counter drugs are an important element of self-medication. Designing the 'taste of health' is at our heart. We provide the most effective flavor and masking solutions, making consumers' health care as tasty as possible."

Dr. Sabine Widder, Category Director Health Care & Nutrition EAME, Food & Beverage

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What we do

We create customized, integrated taste solutions in close cooperation with our customers

We're able to do this by combining our expertise in taste & flavor technologies with an in-depth understanding of the functionality of their products and the intended final application format.


Our long term experience and our in-depth understanding of the taste challenges that different functional ingredients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, proteins, active pharmaceutical ingredients) presents, enables us to understand the sensory profile of our customer products and requirements for taste optimization.


Health care products occur in a variety of different application formats: from powders, granules, compressed tablets and effervescent tablets to chewing gum, chewy candy and fruit gums. When creating customized solutions we always consider the final application, which guides flavor composition and delivery format for an optimized flavor performance. 


Based on our insights in market trends and consumer needs and our broad taste competences and comprehensive masking tools, we are designing fit-for-purpose flavors that rebalance and optimize overall taste while providing consumer-accepted taste profiles.


Depending on the application format and the requirements of our customers, we're able to select the most suitable delivery system for providing the best flavor performance.    

How we add value

We are experts in masking and flavor solutions for health care products

We ensure that we're always aware of emerging consumer needs, our customer requirements regarding the taste challenges of their products and the requirements set by health care regulations. Our specialized team of experts develop customized taste-balancing solutions that meet the highest quality standards in product safety and flavor stability. At the same time these solutions help to improve consumer acceptance of health care. 

By combining our expertise in masking with our proprietary technologies, we're able to support our customers in creating different application forms. 

Our comprehensive masking competence

We have a long-standing history in Taste Balancing. Under our brand SymMask®, we offer a broad range of solutions that allow our customers to deliver the tasty health care products that today's consumers are looking for. Products enriched with functional ingredients ranging from minerals, vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids to pharmaceutical active ingredients. 

Our taste balancing tool box of proprietary technologies has been developed on the basis of a comprehensive scientific understanding of taste perception of functional ingredients, on a sensory and biological basis.

Our proprietary technologies

Our flavor delivery platform comprises of the most diversified portfolio of different encapsulation technologies. It offers benefits to our customers in terms of fit-for-purpose flavor delivery and performance (e.g.  flavor impact, flavor burst and long-lastingness), as well as easy handling. 

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is at the heart of our daily work. We provide state-of-the-art analytical data that can be tailored to our customer’s requirements. We also offer specific microbiological tests especially required for therapeutic nutrition.

Documentation and regulatory support

We deliver documentation for our flavors in-line with the requirements of healthcare regulations, supporting our customers throughout the whole process — from product development to the final product registration.

Our range

Our range comprises effective masking solutions, as well as market- & consumer-relevant taste tonalities for all healthcare segments. The combination of our customized solutions with our customized services make us a unique partner for designing the taste of healthcare and nutrition products.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs

Application formats: tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, pellets, gum, hard-boiled candies, powder, granules, paste liquid, spray, syrup, suspension, emulsion, tea

Main taste tonalities: orange, lemon, cherry, raspberry, mint

Dietary/food supplements

Application formats: tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, pellets, hard-boiled candies, chewy candies, fruit gums, powder, granules, paste, suspension, emulsion, tea

Main taste tonalities: orange, lemon, citrus

Veterinary drugs

Application formats: tablets, chewy bites, paste

Main taste tonalities: chicken, beef

Therapeutic nutrition & food for special medical purpose

Application formats: drinks, dessert, powders, soups

Main taste tonalities: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

Health care nutrition

Enriched nutrition for adults and children, such as balanced nutrition, weight management and growing up milk.

Application formats: drinks, dessert, powders, soups
Main taste tonalities: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

Performance/sports nutrition

Application formats: protein drinks, protein bars

Main taste tonalities: citrus, orange, lemon, red fruits, vanilla, chocolate

Our taste solutions

We have a longstanding history and track record in delivering successful taste solutions for
health care products. We continue to build on our comprehensive portfolio while pooling our expertise and development power on the core flavor families. 


We closely follow market developments and emerging consumer needs in the healthcare category

This enables us to constantly adapt and enrich our product offering, delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that allow our to stay ahead in their respective markets.

Let’s talk about functionality and prevention…

‘Modern performance society’ has led to accelerated and demanding lifestyles for a major part of the global population. Consumers are increasingly looking for opportunities to improve their physical and mental well-being, and they look for products that not only facilitate their current lifestyle but also provide additional intensity and focus. They want to live the best lives they possibly can.

Consumers no longer want to wait for products that simply offer treatment — rather, they look actively for prevention. Therefore, functionality with an emphasis on potent and strong formulations to help denote efficacy are key.

Consumers are also drawn to traditional medicines and the inherent functionality of natural ingredients. It is therefore increasingly important that we are able to deliver such qualities alongside the latest scientific advances.

… new formats and flavors …

Even in the very traditional healthcare market, consumers are looking for more and more variety and improved convenience.

This offers opportunities for more exotic or unusual flavors as well as alternative formats. It’s all about innovation and inspiration that facilitate on-the-go consumption and ease of use. The borders between food and healthcare products are blurring and with this, consumer desire for new taste experiences are also rising.

… and personalization

From curated and customized products and services to personalized nutrition and treatment, technology supports more intuitive and mindful healthcare product solutions, meeting consumers’ growing demand for individually tailored solutions. Consumers today expect innovative product offerings and services that lead to the right treatment options, preventative care and individual recommendations.

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