December 2023

The seal of the Symrise Well-being Challenge

Corporate | Sustainability December 20, 2023

Symrise employees collect steps and send a strong signal for health and social commitment

– First global challenge with a charitable goal with 3,273 participants worldwide
– Promoting health awareness and a sense of community
– Donation of 10,000 euros to Handicap International thanks to 267 million steps collected

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Lilybelle® by Symrise sets standards

Scent & Care | Corporate December 15, 2023

Lilybelle® by Symrise sets standards in eco-friendly fragrances and clinches prestigious Barcelona Perfumery Congress Award

— Lily of the valley scent garners award for “Best Sustainable Ingredient for Fragrance”
— Based on a by-product of the orange juice industry, ensuring biodegradability and upcycling
— Enhanced Scent Profile offering versatility in fragrance creation

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November 2023

Symrise Sustainable Leadership Conference & Award

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Scent & Care | Corporate | Financial | Sustainability November 24, 2023

Symrise receives ‘Sustainable Future Award 2023’ from F.A.Z.-Institut and Cision Germany for exemplary practic-es as a sustainable company

— Award for reliable implementation of corporate goals presented to CEO, and Head of Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer
— Institute recognizes strategic implementation and transparent communication on envi-ronmental and social issues
— Jury highlights the multi-year analysis of statements made by management and cor-responding measures

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Symrise inaugurates Jardin Arabia

Scent & Care | Corporate November 14, 2023

Symrise inaugurates Jardin Arabia – its new Fine Fragrance creation hub in the heart of Dubai

– Introducing de Laire bases Oud Onyx, an homage to fragrant Middle East, and Mineral Patchouli, a fresh and modern take on the iconic ingredient
– Located in the innovative area of Dubai Internet City near the iconic Palm neighborhood
– Intimate, elegant, and collaborative hub to showcase fragrance market expertise

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Symrise exhibits at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate November 6, 2023

Symrise exhibits at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 and unveils Symvision AI™, predictive flavor trend tool

— Presenting taste, nutrition & health, products tailored to four regional personas
— Dr. Dariah V. Lutsch & Priti Pal to discuss the growing role of AI in the food industry at Gulfood Manufacturing Tech Summit
— Introducing Symvision AI™ that goes beyond analyzing data with flavor trend predictions across geographies & categories

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October 2023

Dr Jean-Yves Parisot

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate October 26, 2023

Symrise board member Dr Jean-Yves Parisot named IOFI president

— Focus on strategic objectives to support the industry
— Positions Symrise as responsible player in the field of taste, nutrition and health

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Trading Update January - September 2023

Corporate | Financial October 25, 2023

Symrise confirms profitable growth course

— Organic sales growth of 7.4 % after first nine months and 6.4 % in the third quarter
— Group sales of € 3,610 million in the first nine months of 2023
— Growth target for 2023 confirmed at 5 to 7 % / adjusted EBITDA margin of around 20 % targeted
— Symrise reaffirms long-term profitable corporate development; growth targets extended until 2028

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the winning collections of Symrise at the BSB Environment Awards 2023

Scent & Care | Corporate October 12, 2023

Eco-conscious excellence: Symrise earns top honors at BSB Environment Awards for sustainable beauty innovations

– Dual recognition with first places in both 'Processes' and 'Functionals and Recipients' categories
– Acknowledgement for creating natural, effective, and environmentally responsible cosmetic ingredients
– Underlines commitment to sustainability actions and meeting consumer demands

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SET Flavors motif

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate October 10, 2023

Symrise launches SET Flavors™ that smartly use enrichment technologies for valuable and authentic taste solutions

- Innovative processes and technologies to create value from side streams
- Supports sustainability approach of Symrise and its customers

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motif for Symrise purchase of Kobo shares

Scent & Care | Corporate October 5, 2023

Symrise expands strategic partnership with Kobo Products Inc.

– Share purchase increases strategic stake in the US company Kobo Products Inc. to 49%
– Partnership in mineral UV filters and decorative cosmetics expanded
– Increased capacity and strengthened supply chain to improve support for Kobo customers

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September 2023

SPark Symrise in Singapore

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 29, 2023

Symrise expands naturalness innovation capabilities in Singapore

– Advances sustainable, natural, and plant-based product development
– Meets rising demand for naturalness in Asia across all categories
– Strategic expansion of innovation and technology center, SPark, strengthening the taste, nutrition & health expertise

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product motif Crinipan® PO

Scent & Care | Corporate September 27, 2023

Symrise introduces Crinipan® PO to offer a complete portfolio for dandruff-free, beautiful hair

– Premium-grade, highly pure and renowned anti-dandruff ingredient
– Effective product for a wide variety of hair care products
– Solidifies leading position in top-tier portfolio of dandruff control solutions

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The Symrise facility in Elven (FR) for pet food ingredients

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 25, 2023

Symrise unveils dry pet food pilot production line at its regional headquarters in France

— Levels up R&D capabilities delivering a comprehensive dry pet food production process overview
— Representative of pet food industry production line equipment for larger scale replication
— Complements other Symrise Pet Food capabilities

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motif Symrise masterclass video series

Scent & Care | Corporate September 21, 2023

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients unveils “The Secret Heroes of Personal Care” masterclass series

– YouTube series goes behind the scenes of favorite cosmetic products
– Free online learning platform offers customers, students, and consumers unrivalled industry insight in product protection
– First episode available from September 21, 2023

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Symrise headquarters

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability September 20, 2023

Symrise a finalist for the German Sustainability Award

– Reaching the final round in the food and beverage category
– Recognition of sustainability approach and proven performance
– Selection in a two-stage process by 100 independent expert panels

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The pet food plant of Symrise in Chapecó, Brazil

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 19, 2023

Symrise inaugurates production facility for palatability solutions for pet food in Latin America

— Manufactures liquid and powder palatants for local and international markets
— Highly automated plant meeting the highest food safety requirements
— Location in Brazil, in Chapéco, strengthens leading footprint in the pet food market

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Symrise product motif for chickpea and aquafaba offering

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 14, 2023

Symrise launches chickpea and aquafaba ingredients with multiple benefits for plant-based applications

- Proteins and fibers of chickpea flakes improve nutritional value
- Aquafaba flakes act as a vegan alternative to egg yolk
- Kitchen-like ingredients to match expectations of conscious consumers

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Symrise Perfumery School: Learning inspiration with art

Scent & Care | Corporate September 12, 2023

Symrise Perfumery School: Learning inspiration with art

— Budding perfumers dive into watercolor painting as part of art workshop
— Learning inspiration techniques for fascinating fragrance creations
— Adds strategic element to Symrise Perfumery School curriculum

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SymCalmin® Avena soothes sensitive skin

Scent & Care | Corporate September 7, 2023

Symrise introduces cosmetic ingredient from oats: SymCalmin® Avena soothes sensitive skin

— Obtained from regionally grown and processed organic oats
— Soothing ingredient relieves sensitive skin symptoms such as itching or feeling of tension
— First organic product on the market with highly concentrated content of avenanthramides

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August 2023

Cover Interim group report

Corporate | Financial August 2, 2023

Symrise continues growth course in the first half of 2023

— Organic sales growth of 8.0 % in the first six months
— Sales in the reporting currency in the first half of the year 6.8 % versus year
— Normalized EBITDA margin of 19.7 % remains at a good level
— Growth target for 2023 confirmed at 5 to 7 % / normalized EBITDA margin of around 20 % targeted

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July 2023

Award for Giraffe Foods – a Symrise Group company – as Great Place to Work in Manufacturing.

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate July 19, 2023

Symrise company Giraffe Foods recognized as one of Great Places to Work in Canada

— Award based on employee feedback and company culture assessment
— One of only 25 companies in Canada to receive this recognition
— Investment in employees to grow their resources for training, and professional opportunities

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Logo NuvinTM – a Symrise Pet food brand

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate July 18, 2023

Symrise Pet Food announces nutrition brand evolution with Nuvin™

— Former Nutrios™ brand comprises full portfolio of egg, chicken, hydrolyzed proteins, and health solutions
— Strategy to accelerate toward driving more growth, vitality, and sustainability
— Reinforces positioning of the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment in the pet food sector

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Symrise Brazil certified as B Corporation.

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Scent & Care | Corporate | Financial | Sustainability July 17, 2023

Symrise – first producer of Scent & Care as well as Food & Beverages certified as Company B in Brazil

— Now part of the global community meeting high standards of social and environmental impact
— Successful audit after thorough certification process
— Underlines strong commitment to sustainability throughout the whole group

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white sugar cluster

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate July 13, 2023

Symrise invests in innovative enzymatic technology with sugar alternative experts Bonumose

— Start-up Bonumose – inventor of economic and innovative enzyme solutions
— Enables production of rare monosaccharides (alternatives to sucrose) such as tagatose & allulose
— Opens opportunities to offer Symrise customers advanced technology and solutions
— Bonumose investment strengthens strategic sugar reduction approach of Symrise

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June 2023

New Beauty and Home Care Centre of Expertise near Paris

Scent & Care | Corporate June 15, 2023

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients opens new Beauty & Home Care Centre of Expertise near Paris

— Expanding to deliver innovation and to continue providing excellent service for customers
— Three new labs: cosmetic application lab for active & botanicals, the first application lab for home care ingredients and Symrise’s first microbiology laboratory in France
— €1.5 million investment strengthens the site near Paris

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May 2023

Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate May 22, 2023

Symrise inaugurates Little Red House – its new Fine Fragrance creation hub in the heart of Shanghai

– Introducing De Laire base Piviane Impériale, an homage to fragrant China
– Located in the heart of Shanghai in the iconic building by French architect Jean Nouvel
– Intimate, immersive, and collaborative hub to strengthen China fragrance market expertise

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SymOcide SymDiol

Scent & Care | Corporate May 16, 2023

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients presents innovative data for tropolone-based SymDiol 68T and SymOcide PT

– SymDiol 68T: a versatile multifunctional providing broad spectrum anti-microbial properties
– SymOcide PT: a preservative blend offering complete protection also at low use concentration
– Study reveals outstanding effectiveness of key ingredient tropolone

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Corporate | Financial May 9, 2023

Executive Board contract of CFO Olaf Klinger extended ahead of schedule until January 2028

— Recognition for successful work in the finance division since 2016

— Symrise is also committed to continuity and stability in the Executive Board

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April 2023

Quarterly Statement January-March 2023

Corporate | Financial April 26, 2023

Symrise starts successfully into fiscal year 2023

— Sales growth of 12.8 % in reporting currency in the first quarter
— Group sales rise to € 1.2 billion
— Organic growth of 10.6 %
— Targets for 2023 and medium-term goals for 2025 confirmed

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Shan Foods

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate April 25, 2023

Symrise enters partnership with Shan Foods to shape the future of taste for food in Pakistan

– Ensures speed to market with the established local manufacturing footprint to Symrise key customers
– To harness authentic and “hyperlocal” Pakistani flavours by embedding sustainability aspects
– Collaboration with Shan Foods for innovation through creation & application excellence, delivering the future of taste, nutrition & health to consumers

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PCHi Fountain Award

Scent & Care April 21, 2023

Symrise awarded with PCHi Fountain Award for innovative anti-dandruff ingredient

— Crinipan® PMC green meets high standards of established anti-dandruff ingredients
— Multi-use application thanks to its liquid form made exclusively of natural ingredients
— Fulfills consumer demands for environmentally friendly, effective products

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BSB Award Logo 2023

Scent & Care | Corporate April 20, 2023

BSB Innovation Awards 2023 award Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients with three prizes

— SymEffectTM UV, SymProt’inTM Oat, and SupervisomeTM EPH succeed in three categories
— Acknowledges sustainable and innovative properties of the cosmetic ingredients
— Underlines leading innovation position with renewable, natural-based raw materials

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate April 18, 2023

Symrise to exhibit at Vitafoods with four health-related product launches

– Presentation of four product concepts addressing gut health, healthy aging, and women’s health
– Featuring Prebiocran™, a new cranberry extract supporting gut health
– Prf. Desjardins of Université Laval to present outcome of research program on Prebiocran™ efficacy
– Demonstration of how the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment supports consumers in their pursuit…

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March 2023

A new line of bioactives for its Beauty

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate March 30, 2023

Symrise announces the launch of a new line of bioactives for its Beauty from within product range

— Solutions complement traditional beauty routines, addressing the quickly expanding nutricosmetics market
— Full range of bioactives to deliver inside-out beauty benefits for skin anti-aging, brightening, as well as hair and nail care
— A further step towards the strategic positioning of the Taste Nutrition & Health Segment in the health product sector

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Scent & Care | Corporate March 24, 2023

SymEffect™ UV: Symrise expands its functionals portfolio with sustainable SPF booster

— SymEffect™ UV increases the effectiveness of organic and mineral UV filters
— Synergistic combination entirely based on natural raw materials
— Meets high consumer demands for sustainable cosmetics

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Corporate | Sustainability March 15, 2023

CDP rating: Symrise honored for climate commitment in the supply chain

— Holzminden-based Group among the top eight percent worldwide
— Another A rating from the nonprofit CDP organization
— Continual listing on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard since 2016

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Corporate March 8, 2023

Investigations by international cartel authorities

On March 7, 2023, EU cartel authorities have contacted Symrise at their headquarters in Holzminden. Together with Swiss, British and American authorities, they are investigating possible inadmissible agreements in the fragrance and fragrance ingredients sector. These investigations are taking place in parallel at all leading companies in the industry. Symrise is…

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Symrise Financial Year 2022

Corporate | Financial March 8, 2023

Symrise 2022 again with strong growth and good profitability

— Group sales increase by 20.7 % to € 4,618 million (2021: € 3,826 million), organic growth accelerated to 11.4 % EBITDA up 13 % to € 922 million before deduction of one-time impairment (2021: € 814 million)
— Continued good profitability with an EBITDA margin of 20.0 %
— Symrise plans thirteenth dividend increase in a row
— Symrise reaffirms long-term profitable…

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Scent & Care | Corporate March 6, 2023

Symrise launches new collection of multifunctional ingredients for household care products

— Multifunctional substances in the home care category improve cleaning power and durability
— Innovative ingredients promote sustainability and reduce packaging
— Customers benefit from regulatory expertise and consumer understanding

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February 2023

Logo Sunner

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate February 24, 2023

Symrise Pet Food enters joint venture with Sunner in China

— Sets a strategic local partnership to provide high quality sustainable egg proteins
— Complements offerings and follows fast premiumization trends in China
— Contributes fully to side-stream valorization business model
— Serves the Taste, Nutrition & Health ambition, accelerating the Pet Nutrition International Expansion strategy, reinforcing pet food footprint…

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Corporate February 9, 2023

Sustainability: Symrise receives triple A rating after review for climate, water and forest


Sustainability: Symrise receives triple A rating after review for climate, water and forest

— Review by CDP grants triple A rating, including climate

— Best possible score of A in all three categories

— Recognition of efforts to protect water, forests, and the climate

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Synergio Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate February 3, 2023

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients to enter strategic partnership with Synergio

— Acquisition of minority interest in Synergio
— Symrise to expand Product Protection portfolio with plant-based technologies
— Strategic partnership will accelerate development of natural antimicrobial solutions

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January 2023

Corporate | Financial January 31, 2023

Symrise expands its Executive Board

— Dr. Stephanie Cossmann takes over newly created executive responsibilities for Human Resources and Legal

— Dr. Jörn Andreas takes over as President of the Scent & Care segment

— New distribution of responsibilities for Executive Board starting February 1, 2023

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate January 23, 2023

Symrise acquires minority stake in Danish aroma company, EvodiaBio

— Bio-industrial startup raises 45 million Danish kroner for ambitious growth strategy
— Symrise among the contributors of the capital increase
— Minority share to strengthen sustainable taste solution offering
— Novel precision fermentation technology in line with Taste, Nutrition & Health segment strategy

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Corporate | Financial January 20, 2023

Symrise publishes preliminary financial results for the 2022 fiscal year

Symrise AG anticipates lower consolidated key figures than expected for the past 2022 fiscal year. The primary reason for this is an impairment loss of € 126 million relating to the interest in Swedencare AB, a leading manufacturer of premium products for pets, which Symrise recognized in the fourth quarter. Despite this market-related impairment loss, Symrise…

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Logo Ignite Venture Studio

Scent & Care | Corporate | Financial January 11, 2023

Symrise invests in Ignite Venture Studio

— Co-operation and investment in US incubator with focus on equity investment in B2C startup ventures in the personal care sector
— To drive product innovations in fragrance and cosmetic ingredients
— Access to disruptive trends in beauty, health and wellness
— Aligned with strategic ambition, to strengthen competencies in market and consumer trends in the beauty…

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Symrise receives top scores in the categories of climate, water and forests

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Scent & Care | Corporate | Financial | Sustainability January 5, 2023

Sustainability: Symrise receives top scores in the categories of climate, water and forests

— Nonprofit organization CDP examined 18,700 companies
— The Holzminden-based Group received the best possible score of A twice for its efforts to protect water and forests and A- in the area of climate protection

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