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A new line of bioactives for its Beauty
— Solutions complement traditional beauty routines, addressing the quickly expanding nutricosmetics market
— Full range of bioactives to deliver inside-out beauty benefits for skin anti-aging, brightening, as well as hair and nail care
— A further step towards the strategic positioning of the Taste Nutrition & Health Segment in the health product sector

Symrise is launching a new range of diana food™ bioactives for use in Beauty from within products. The company is expanding its offer with the development of these differentiating and innovative nutricosmetic ingredients. The range includes a full line of solutions for skin conditioning and anti-aging, skin brightening, as well as hair and nail care. It is composed of naturally sourced bioactives, such as collagen type I, vitamins C & A, and polyphenols from various fruits. This launch complements the long history in the beauty industry of Symrise with its cosmetic ingredients offering.

Human skin forms the first and main barrier to the external environment. It is subject to aging caused by intrinsic processes and extrinsic environmental conditions. Also, the complex skin structure may limit the delivery of certain skincare nutrients to the dermis. Actives delivered from within may help provide complementary beauty benefits.

Three functional areas in the focus

The novel range addresses the three main market segments for the development of nutricosmetic applications answering key consumer demands: skin condition and anti-aging, skin brightening as well as hair and nail care. The offer aims at positioning functional food, beverages and dietary supplements within the beauty from within trend.

For skin condition and anti-aging, Symrise offers regenerating hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C from Acerola, provitamin A from carrots, and various superfruit ingredients. The type I collagen may contribute to skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction. The restructuring natural vitamins may support in normal collagen formation protecting cells from oxidative stress and aid in the maintenance of normal skin. Super fruit antioxidants may support in skin aging prevention.

To support skin brightening, Symrise can deliver a selection of photoprotective phyto and micronutrients. The vitamin C from Acerola may help counteract photoaging and brightening the skin. The polyphenols from apples may support in the photoprotection of the skin. Finally, fruit proanthocyanidins may aid in brightening the skin.

In the area of hair and nail care, Symrise builds on a mix of hair growth promoting apple polyphenols and nail strengthening collagen.

According to Nathalie Richer, Global Health Business Leader of Symrise Food & Beverage Naturals, “Our new and wide diana food™ Beauty from within line, based on our expertise and know-how in health bioactives, answers the raising beauty consumers demand for more holistic and natural solutions.”

The diana food™ key actives in detail

Symrise has standardized its collagen Type I solution to a minimum of 55% collagen. The type I collagen, a structural protein, gives skin mechanical support, rigidity, and integrity. This collagen source also provides chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. They combine with the collagen to deliver an effect on improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Vitamins play a key role in skin appearance. The Acerola fruit contains bioactive compounds and is one of the richest sources of natural and native vitamin C. The acerola juice powders and concentrates in the Beauty from Within line support skin elasticity thanks to its role in collagen formation and skin brightening. Carrots add to this with their significant amounts of carotenoids, especially provitamin A, and beta-carotene. The carrot juice powder contains carotenoids that can support skin radiance, limit skin roughness, and counteract photoaging.

As one of the most consumed fruits around the world, apples provide an abundance of polyphenols. The apple extract powder, with its 80% polyphenols, can modulate skin pigmentation and lead to brighter skin. It may also promote hair growth.

Cranberry, blueberry, aronia, acai, bilberry, blackcurrant and strawberry extracts or juice powders provide natural sources of polyphenols and help preventing skin aging and brightening the skin.

“The new range shows how Symrise is delivering the best nature has to offer to serve consumers’ evolving needs. We will continue seeking for additional natural and sustainable sources of inspiration to deliver innovative solutions,” adds Nathalie Richer. Symrise presents its diana food™ Beauty from within range at Vitafoods show in Geneva, May 9–11 on hall 1, booth G161.

A new line of bioactives for its Beauty

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