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— Acquisition of minority interest in Synergio
— Symrise to expand Product Protection portfolio with plant-based technologies
— Strategic partnership will accelerate development of natural antimicrobial solutions

Symrise today announced a strategic investment in Synergio. The biotech company specializes in the development of natural and sustainable solutions using advanced plant-based technology for consumer goods products. Symrise considers this investment a strategic step to expand its leadership position in the product protection business in the personal care industry. Symrise will acquire a minority ownership in Synergio with the possibility to acquire a majority stake in Synergio’s share capital in the future.

“The investment in Synergio signifies our commitment to expand our cosmetic ingredients portfolio and strengthen our leadership in modern product protection”, said Dr. Joern Andreas, President Scent & Care at Symrise. “Synergio’s bioactives fit seamlessly into our Product Protection portfolio. It allows us to offer customers the newest and most innovative sustainable plant-based beauty solutions. The partnership will accelerate the development of broad-spectrum antimicrobial solutions. They will help our customers to create sustainable personal care products.”

Founded in Jerusalem in 2009, Synergio owns comprehensive expertise in natural antimicrobial combinations obtained by sustainable sourcing. The biotech company develops next-generation plant bio-actives for healthier and more sustainable personal care & cosmetic products. Core technologies include high-performance broad-spectrum natural antimicrobials that it distributes worldwide. Using a data-driven, biochemistry-based, computational platform, Synergio leverages deep understanding of plant bio-actives and synergies. This enables it to deliver healthy and sustainable beauty care solutions that are 100% safe and natural, meeting the highest standard of the personal care industry.

The Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients division is a global leader in developing beauty market solutions. The Group is capitalizing from over 100 years of experience in developing and marketing cosmetic ingredients and the ability to intertwine the best of nature, science, as well as skin and hair biology. Symrise sees a wide range of possibilities to jointly explore growth opportunities together with Synergio. Both companies will work together as partners to develop innovative antimicrobial solutions that respond to the market request for more natural solutions.

CEO of Synergio, Dr. Rachel Lutz, said: “Entering a partnership with Symrise provided a unique opportunity to further develop our biotechnologies for the beauty market. Our shared values in sustainability allow us to bring consumers natural and safe innovative beauty solutions. Together, we will use new and advanced technology to create sustainable products that will respond to the needs of customers and global stakeholders while meeting regulatory requirements.”

The parties involved agreed to treat the financial details of the investment confidential.

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