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Symrise Sustainable Leadership Conference & Award

— Award for reliable implementation of corporate goals presented to CEO, and Head of Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer
— Institute recognizes strategic implementation and transparent communication on envi-ronmental and social issues
— Jury highlights the multi-year analysis of statements made by management and cor-responding measures

CEO Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram and Head of Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer Bernhard Kott were presented with the “Sustainable Future Award 2023” on No-vember 22, 2023. In particular, the jury praised the dedication that the two managers show to sustainability. They focused on environmental and social issues as well as transparent communication about those topics. The award, presented by F.A.Z.-Institut and Cision Germany, substantiates Symrise’s commitment to sustainable practices and innovation within the sector and beyond.

Symrise’s extensive measures to implement its sustainability strategy along the entire value chain were honored. The recognition draws on a multi-year analysis of media coverage con-ducted by the partner company Cision, which conducts media analyses and in this case evalu-ated the credibility of statements made by managers. One aspect of this focused specifically on how reliably companies carry out the promises that they make.

The evaluation showed that Symrise has been setting the bar for years with its commitment to ecological and social responsibility. In implementing its initiatives, the Group values consistency with a high degree of transparency. For example, the company encourages its employees to promote sustainability in all areas.

“We are delighted to have received the prestigious ‘Sustainable Future Award 2023.’ We would also like to thank F.A.Z.-Institut and Cision Germany for this recognition and see it as an incen-tive to continue on our path as a leading company in sustainability,” says Dr. Hein-Jürgen Ber-tram, CEO of Symrise.

The jury explained their decision as follows:

Maintaining a position on something requires more than just communication these days. It’s still important to communicate where the company stands on ecological issues and also increasing-ly with regard to social responsibility, but the statements must also be followed by action. The company focuses on long-term goals and consistency in its sustainability communication. Sym-rise is setting a good example.

Symrise goes beyond the traditional topics in the industry (e.g. diversity) and takes a stand on other aspects in order to create lasting value for all stakeholders. With its thoughtful communi-cation, Symrise makes its sustainability measures transparent and regularly publishes updates on key topics such as climate protection, biodiversity and global partnerships.”

“Being presented with the ‘Sustainable Future Award’ at the Responsible Leadership confer-ence in Munich affirms our long-standing efforts to create a sustainable future for all and to share our values,” summarizes Bernhard Kott.

Symrise Sustainable Leadership Conference & Award

The award presenter, Stephanie Schunck, Head of Energy Policy at RWE AG, with the award winners Kott and Bertram (from left to right)