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The seal of the Symrise Well-being Challenge

– First global challenge with a charitable goal with 3,273 participants worldwide
– Promoting health awareness and a sense of community
– Donation of 10,000 euros to Handicap International thanks to 267 million steps collected

From December 4 to 14, 2023, Symrise conducted its first global Well-being Challenge under the motto "Make a difference, one step at a time". Having started directly after the International Day of Disabled Persons, 3,273 committed employees began collecting steps. Over the course of eleven days, Symrisers took over 267 million steps. These steps have now resulted in a donation of 10,000 euros to Handicap International.

All employees worldwide could take part in the Well-being Challenge. On four continents at over 100 locations, 3,273 walkers walked 186,914 km. This corresponds to more than four circumnavigations of the globe. In doing so, they have actively exercised, promoted their health, and supported a charitable cause. Thanks to the over 267 million steps collected, Symrise is now donating 10,000 euros to Handicap International. The organization's humanitarian work is dedicated to people with disabilities and other vulnerable population groups. The organization wants to help them lead a more self-determined life.

Easy participation via mobile app and thanks to the ambassador network

The challenge was technically supported by the Kiplin app. It allowed participants to record their steps, form teams and run in friendly competition for the best result. The intermediate results could be viewed during the challenge, except on the final three days. This provided extra excitement and an additional incentive for the collective final spurt.

The ten most successful teams receive a voucher of 100 euros each, which they can use for a charitable project of their choice. Symrise used a specially formed ambassador network to inform its employees about the installation and use of the app as well as all relevant details of the challenge. Around 140 colleagues volunteered and supported the challenge with great commitment.

Collect steps and do good

The Symrise Well-being Challenge goes beyond collecting steps. Board member and main sponsor of the project Dr. Stephanie Coßmann emphasizes: "This challenge is about collecting as many steps as possible and helping people with disabilities to improve their livelihood. The initiative intends to contribute to a more active lifestyle, motivate and inspire people to do something good for themselves and others.

The seal of the Symrise Well-being Challenge

The seal of the Symrise Well-being Challenge