December 2020

Symrise Gardenlab

Scent & Care | Corporate December 14, 2020

The new frontiers of naturals: Garden Lab collection enriches fine fragrances palette with five natural veggie ingredients

— Garden collection opens up new territory of naturals by Symrise
— 100 % natural oils directly from vegetables
— Fragrances from upcycling food byproducts by using patented SymTrap™ technology
— Ingredients obtained in close collaboration with the Nutrition division Diana Food

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Sunscreen products with Neo Heliopan

Scent & Care | Corporate December 10, 2020

Symrise simplifies the development and manufacture of sunscreen products with Neo Heliopan® Flat

— Ingredient offers optimal skin protection thanks to improved UV filter blend
— Cosmetics manufacturers can save energy, time and additional resources

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Three CDP A grades

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability December 8, 2020

Three CDP A grades: Symrise ranks among the top ten most sustainable companies in the world

— The Holzminden Group achieves the top grade of A in all three categories
— Non-profit organization CDP assesses companies’ climate protection, water usage and forest conservation actions

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November 2020

Symrise 3 flags

Corporate | Financial November 23, 2020

Symrise to expand Scent & Care Activities through Acquisition of Sensient’s Fragrances Business Unit

— Purchase agreement signed for fragrance and aroma chemicals business of Sensient
Technologies Corporation
— Significant step to further strengthen market leadership in renewable fragrance ingredients
— Further expansion of customer base and presence, particularly in EAME and Latin America
— Targeted investments to grow European fragrances R&D and…

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Corporate | Sustainability November 16, 2020

DQS presents Symrise with sustainability award

— Holzminden-based group receives prize from German Society for Sustainability (DQS)
— Special prize for sustainable development along the entire value chain

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Discontinues use of plastic

Corporate | Sustainability November 5, 2020

Symrise discontinues use of plastic

— Flavor division quality control uses tasting cups made entirely of recycled cardboard

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Symrise supports Germany’s climate policy goals

Corporate | Sustainability November 4, 2020

Symrise supports Germany’s climate policy goals

— Symrise joins cross-sector network Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e. V.
— Initiative to collaborate on innovative solutions to achieve Germany’s climate policy goals
— Symrise is committed to ambitious climate goals

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Corporate November 2, 2020

CEW Women’s Leadership Award goes to Usha Vijay

The Women's Leadership Awards celebrate women and their achievements. Our congratulations go to Usha Vijay, Global Marketing, Consumer Fragrance at Symrise, for receiving the 2020 CEW Top Talent Award. The award presents a big recognition of Usha and Symrise for their joint achievements.

Each year, CEW selects about 5-6 people from the entire industry to recognize…

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October 2020

Quarterly Statement January-September 2020

Corporate | Financial October 29, 2020

Symrise continues its robust course of growth

— Sales increase of 5.9 % compared to prior year period
— Organic sales growth of 3.3 % in the first nine months and 3.1 % in the third quarter
— Robust supply chain keeps all activities and locations fully operational throughout the Group
— Organic growth of 3 to 4 % expected for 2020
— Medium-term goals for 2025 confirmed

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symrise Hogo

Scent & Care | Corporate October 1, 2020

Symrise HOGO, a unique search platform for ingredient selection for modern product protection at the press of a button

— Unique search platform to assist cosmetic formulators in selecting the appropriate ingredients for preservation
— Additional information about dosage and efficacy data
— Goes online on 1 October 2020

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September 2020

vanilla from Madagascar

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 25, 2020

Symrise brings customers and consumers closest to the source of vanilla from Madagascar

— Ensuring the highest quality of vanilla and security of supply
— Creating certainty through a transparent, traceable value chain
— Strengthening local communities by sharing value with farmers, as we create enjoyment of great taste for our customers and their consumers

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 23, 2020

Symrise Division Diana Food launches the first clean label, organic and Fair Trade acerola powder

— Supports increasing consumer demand for clean and healthy ingredients
— Sourced from the highest quality raw material from Brazil
— First ingredient supplier to offer fair trade certified acerola powder

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sustainable packaging

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate September 10, 2020

Symrise advances sustainable packaging

— less weight, plastic and waste
— intensive cooperation with customers and suppliers
— Cardboard box pilot project for carbon offsetting supports climate-neutral ambition

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Scent & Care | Corporate September 8, 2020

New clinical data suggests: Symrise anti-dandruff active promotes healthy scalp microbiome

— Crinipan® PMC green promotes a healthy scalp microbiome
— New plant-based ingredient performs equal to conventional actives
— Suitable for use in various dandruff control and other scalp care products

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August 2020

Scent & Care | Corporate August 26, 2020

Symrise presents innovative active for itchy scalp and healthy hair

— SymSoft® Scalp combines optimal relief of scalp itchiness with protection of the hair fiber
— For use in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate August 20, 2020

Study reveals importance of naturalness to food and beverage consumers in Latin America

— Consumers look for great taste experiences and are willing to pay more for naturalness
— Key words such as “natural”, “organic” and “fresh” influence product appeal
— Symrise code of nature® addresses evolving consumer needs based on the promise to deliver the authentic taste of nature

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Scent & Care | Corporate August 19, 2020

SymControl® Scalp normalizes the sebum production on the scalp and promotes healthy hair

— Natural ingredient extracted from Mediterranean algae reducing greasy hair
— SymControl® Scalp won the first prize in the BSB Innovation Award category Natural Products/Raw Materials

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Corporate | Financial | Sustainability August 14, 2020

Symrise commits to sustainable supply chains

— 33 companies and organizations support German supply chain act
— Focus on sustainability, transparency and living conditions for local producers

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate | Sustainability August 13, 2020

Symrise and Kellogg Company achieve ambitious goal of ‘100% responsibly sourced vanilla by 2020’

— Partnership drives impact at the source of vanilla farming in Madagascar
— “Symrise and Friends” partnerships support the next generation of vanilla farmers
— 365 days a year presence to ensure quality, certainty and safeguard the social and natural environments

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Scent & Care | Corporate August 11, 2020

Symrise: Hydrolite® 5P— multifunctional excipient suitable for pharmaceutical applications

— Multifunctional ingredient with DMF dossier
— Suitable for customers in the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industries
— Sustainable and renewable raw material based on up-cycling side streams from the sugar cane industry

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Interim Group Report H1 2020

Corporate | Financial August 6, 2020

Symrise achieves highly profitable growth in a challenging market environment

— Year-on-year sales increase of 7.6 % during global coronavirus pandemic
— Organic sales growth of 3.4 % in the first six months and 4.6 % in the second quarter
— EBITDA margin improved to an outstanding 21.6 %
— 2020 outlook for the EBITDA margin raised to a range of 21 to 22 %
— Sales goal for 2020 and medium-term goals for 2025 confirmed

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July 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate July 24, 2020

Symrise inaugurates L’appartement Étoile – A Fine Fragrance oasis in the heart of Paris

- Intimate, immersive and collaborative hub for fragrance ideation
- Reinventing and elevating the fine fragrance creative process
- A complete sensorial experience with a lab on-site for real-time evaluation

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate | Sustainability July 3, 2020

South Africa: Symrise promotes sustainable cultivation of white grapefruit in KwaZulu-Natal

— Stable, sustainable grapefruit supply aiming at a positive impact on local communities
— Enlargement of Citrus sustainability footprint beyond Bergamot in Calabria
— Provision of signature grapefruit taste to consumers around the world

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Scent & Care | Corporate July 2, 2020

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients: The beauty experts move into the spotlight with a modern campaign and visual identity

— Brand ambassador conveys values and identity of the division
— Classic and modern media address customers and consumers
— Positioning as responsible producer of cosmetic ingredients

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June 2020


Scent & Care | Corporate | Sustainability June 26, 2020

Symrise strengthens its partnership with CRIEPPAM and supports biodiversity research project for lavender farming

— Research of lavender inter-cropping to support crop resilience against climate change
— To develop practical agricultural techniques to provide additional farm income through inter-cropping and improved lavender yields
— Promote biodiversity and improve soil health in lavender and lavandin fields

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Symrise 3 flags

Corporate | Financial June 24, 2020

Symrise has issued a € 500 million bond

— Successful placement confirms investors' great confidence in the Group's strategy and financial strength
— Issue with a term of 7 years was several times oversubscribed
— Coupon of 1.375 %

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recover better

Corporate | Sustainability June 22, 2020

Focus on coronavirus: Symrise supports climate-friendly economic development

— 154 international companies jointly address the topic
— Science Based Targets initiative: Link economic development programs to climate protection

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Symrise Corporate Logo

Corporate | Financial June 18, 2020

Michael König elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Symrise AG

— Michael König succeeds Dr. Winfried Steeger, who retires from the Supervisory Board
— Michael König has long-standing management experience
— Peter Vanacker appointed as a new member of the Supervisory Board

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Scent & Care | Corporate June 9, 2020

Symrise SymEffect™ Sun sets new standards for sustainability in sun protection cosmetics

— Natural ingredient for optimized sunscreen formulations
— New ingredient SymEffect™ Sun awarded first prize in the subcategory "Functionals" at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020

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Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate June 2, 2020

Symrise produces especially pure cannabidiol (CBD)

— Canapure® is suitable for the same applications as natural cannabidiol (CBD)
— Production meets the quality standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

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May 2020

Corporate May 27, 2020

Symrise opens production site in China

On May 18, 2020, Symrise experienced a premiere in a number of ways. The company opened its biggest individual investment and invested € 50 million in the construction of the new production site for flavorings and fragrances in Nantong. In addition, the Executive Board, senior staff, plant workers and guests opened the facility virtually – in a video conference – for…

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Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate May 26, 2020

Three Symrise products win first prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020

— Crinipan® PMC green, SymControl® Scalp and SymEffect™ Sun from Symrise receive European innovation award
— Positioning as one of the innovation leaders in developing natural ingredients
— Virtual presentation of the awards this year

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate May 20, 2020

Corona pandemic is changing consumer behavior in Asia

— Growth in food delivery and take-away orders
— Increased online food shopping activity
— Continued trust in local suppliers and healthy eating

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Scent & Care | Corporate May 19, 2020

Symrise honors Coronavirus essential workers with HERO cologne

— Fragrance producer donates perfume to those on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis
— Sustainable Eau de Cologne as a sign of appreciation for the work of the heroes
— Company lives the idea of Better Living Through Scent to give a dose of optimism to those fighting the effects of COVID-19

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Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate May 11, 2020

Symrise introduces next-generation anti-dandruff active derived from 100 % natural raw materials

— Crinipan® PMC green as effective as traditional anti-dandruff active climbazole
— Innovative micro-activated mode of action
— Launch with an online webinar on 27 of May 2020

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Corporate | Financial May 6, 2020

Symrise Annual General Meeting to be held as online event on 17 June 2020

— Shareholders should be able to exercise their rights without delay
— Proposed dividend unchanged at 95 € cents per share

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April 2020

Quarterly Statement January-March 2020

Corporate | Financial April 28, 2020

Symrise continues to grow in challenging market environment

— Sales up 8.0 % to € 917.1 million
— Excellent contribution to growth by ADF/IDF Group following acquisition in 2019
— Organic growth at 2.3 %, adjusted for portfolio and exchange rate effects
— Symrise confident for the fiscal year, targets through to the end of 2025 confirmed

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Taste, Nutrition & Health | Corporate April 1, 2020

Symrise joins KitchenTown Berlin, supporting food start-ups with expert knowledge

— Combined know-how to help shape a sustainable food system
— Food and taste experts support start-ups
— Unique collaboration to accelerate innovation cycle

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March 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Corporate March 20, 2020

Symrise statement on the corona situation

Dear Partners and Friends of Symrise,

The corona pandemic presents us with a challenging environment worldwide. Symrise is closely monitoring the development of the COVID 19 situation and its impact on various aspects of its business.

At the moment, all of Symrise's production sites are continuing to operate, even in the so called hot spots. We experience some…

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Symrise Flag

Corporate March 19, 2020

Symrise postpones Annual General Meeting 2020

— Annual General Meeting planned for 06 May 2020 in Holzminden postponed
— Decision due to the progression of the corona pandemic

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Symrise successfully continues profitable growth

Corporate | Financial March 10, 2020

Symrise successfully continues profitable growth

— Group sales in reporting currency up 8.0 % to € 3,408 million
— 5.7 % organic sales growth
— Increase in operating result (EBITDA(N)) by 12.2 % to over € 707 million
— EBITDA(N) margin up to 20.8 %
— Normalized net income for fiscal year rises by 10.2 % to over € 304 million
— Dividend increase from € 0.90 to € 0.95 per share proposed

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February 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Taste, Nutrition & Health | Scent & Care | Corporate February 5, 2020

Care products for cats and dogs fulfill scent preferences of both pets and their owners for the first time

— Scent and pet experts join forces for unique scent and care solutions fostering pet approved fragrances
— Symrise Consumer Fragrance and Diana Pet Food’s expert brand Odalia working together
— Worldwide market launch for shampoo solutions planned for 2020
— Unique and industry disruptive

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A rating from CDP

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability February 3, 2020

Symrise receives international “A” rating from CDP for outstanding environmental protection

— Water rating from CDP awards Symrise a place on the non-profit organization’s prestigious A-list
— Forest protection measures also recognized with a “Leadership A-” rating
— Leading position in the three CDP rating categories of climate, water and forests
— Performance among the best of more than 8,400 companies reporting worldwide

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January 2020


Corporate | Financial | Sustainability January 20, 2020

Symrise receives top score of A in international climate protection rating

— Prestigious nonprofit organization CDP awards Symrise highest ranking
— Key climate figures from the Holzminden-based Group among the best of more than 8,400 analyzed companies from around the world
— Symrise reduces greenhouse gas emissions by one-third ahead of schedule

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Symrise Corporate Logo

Corporate | Financial January 20, 2020

Michael König appointed to Symrise Supervisory Board

— Dr. Thomas Rabe left the Supervisory Board at his own request on 31 December 2019
— New member Michael König has extensive experience in various leadership roles

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