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A rating from CDP
— Water rating from CDP awards Symrise a place on the non-profit organization’s prestigious A-list
— Forest protection measures also recognized with a “Leadership A-” rating
— Leading position in the three CDP rating categories of climate, water and forests
— Performance among the best of more than 8,400 companies reporting worldwide

The renowned nonprofit organization CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) has recognized Symrise once again for its exemplary efforts in the protection of water and forests. The Holzminden-based group achieved the highest rating in the water protection category, and thus a place on the prestigious A-list, in this year's annual assessment of companies and governments. Symrise also achieved an “A-” in the forest protection category, an excellent result that places it among the leading companies in the area of sustainable responsibility. The assessment is based on goals, programs and results related to ecological responsibility, which were submitted to CDP by more than 8,400 companies as well as numerous countries, regions and cities.

Symrise has a long history of employing ambitious measures for the conservation of natural resources and serves as an outstanding role model for other companies. Its contributions toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) play a decisive role in this context. In concert with the content of SDG 6, Symrise considers the availability of fresh, high-quality water to be absolutely essential for its activities. The company is dedicated to using water efficiently and reducing wastewater volumes and emissions at all its sites worldwide. Symrise aims to reduce both chemical oxygen demand in water and sensitive waste by 60 % as compared with 2010 levels.

These comprehensive measures have now been recognized by the renowned nonprofit organization CDP every year since 2016. With its outstanding performance, Symrise ranks among the leading companies worldwide in matters of environmental conservation. “Sustainable innovations are a fundamental part of our sustainability strategy,” says Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Symrise. “We emphasize cutting-edge technologies so we can manufacture in a way that protects water resources and forests. In doing so, we also assume responsibility for future generations. Earning top ratings from CDP motivates us to maintain this course.”

Numerous criteria involved in CDP assessment

Each year, the nonprofit organization examines and assesses the completeness of disclosed data and the management of environmental risks by participating companies and organizations. A further criterion is evidence that the organization plays a pioneering environmental role, such as setting ambitious goals. Based on the results, CDP classifies the participants into four categories from A, the highest, to D. The water and forest data submitted by Symrise rank among the best of over 8,400 analyzed companies.

In mid-January 2020, CDP also awarded Symrise an A for its sustained dedication to climate protection.