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Care products for cats and dogs
— Scent and pet experts join forces for unique scent and care solutions fostering pet approved fragrances
— Symrise Consumer Fragrance and Diana Pet Food’s expert brand Odalia working together
— Worldwide market launch for shampoo solutions planned for 2020
— Unique and industry disruptive

Symrise takes pet wishes seriously. As the first provider of scent and care solutions for pets, Diana Pet Food’s Odalia and Symrise’s Consumer Fragrance divisions are introducing completely new fragrance solutions to the market this year. This is the first time a manufacturer has sought the approval and acceptance of the fragrances with their actual consumers: the dogs and cats. The ingredients work against malodors without disturbing the pets. They are especially designed for use in dog shampoos, scent sprays, odor neutralizers and cat litters. For the first time, the behavior and sense of smell of pets can be taken into account and combined with human scent preferences.

These days, cats and dogs are both pets and beloved family members. Their owners are living in ever closer proximity to them, and they want their little darlings to be healthy, happy, clean and smelling good. The demand for corresponding care products is growing rapidly worldwide. Symrise knows consumer preferences and uses this knowledge to improve its pet products. To avoid malodors from the beginning, Symrise and Odalia have combined existing and innovative technologies for odor control.

“With the current humanization trend, the pet care market offers huge opportunities. Building on our unique synergies with Odalia from Diana Pet Food, which is number one in pet food for palatability solutions, it was amazing to learn about their specificities – that using the wrong fragrance could really annoy your dog or cat. With our new fragrance solutions, we are combining the wishes of the owners with the requirements and preferences of their pets,” explains Anne Cabotin, Senior Global Vice President, Consumer Fragrance at Symrise.

“Through Odalia, we have obtained broad access to the most in-depth knowledge about pet owners’ preferences and wishes. At the same time, we work lovingly with cats and dogs every day to find out what they like and what bothers them. We care for them and are proposing pet-approved scents for the first time.

Custom ingredients for cats and dogs

To meet the needs of both cats and dogs, Odalia pays special attention to the different smell behaviors through Diana Pet Food’s expert measurement center Panelis and its various panels in the world. While dogs develop their preferences mainly on the basis of scent, the opposite is true of cats; alien smells quickly unsettle them and they reject them.

Odalia’s experts also benefit from exchanging knowledge with specialists at Diana Pet Food – veterinarians, ethologists, statisticians, flavorists – who possess broad and leading knowledge about cats and dogs. The global Consumer Fragrance Pet team keeps these pet behaviors and preferences in mind when developing new solutions.

“Pet care products facilitate harmonious cohabitation between people and their four-legged friends. The canine and feline species have extraordinary olfactory capabilities. It has been reported that canines’ olfactory abilities to detect odorants can exceed 10,000–100,000 times that of an average human, and their lower limit of detecting volatile organic compounds amounts to one part per trillion* . That’s why it is essential to evaluate if cats and dogs like a specific fragrance added to products, i.e., cat litters, pet shampoos, lotions and pads as well as general air-fresheners and all-purpose cleaners,” explains Marc-Henry Lussigny, Director, Odalia.