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Hydrolite 7 green launch
— 100% bio-based, nature-derived, clear, colorless liquid
— Suits a variety of traditional or natural/green cosmetic formulations and all skin types
— Truly unique with multiple patent applications and high performance properties
— Enhances product protection, enhances antioxidants, masks/reduces malodor, solubilizes lipophilic ingredients, enhances product protection, etc.

Hydrolite® 7 green leads a revolutionary new generation of green multifunctional ingredients. The unique seven-carbon alkanediol comes from 100% bio-based sources, derived from sustainably sourced castor bean oil. The one-of-a-kind multifunctional is a clear, colorless neat ingredient that can go into a variety of traditional or natural/green cosmetic formulations, and works with all skin types.

In recent years, the green trend has been gaining momentum with growing consumer interest in renewable raw material innovations and finished product development. At the same time, 1,2-alkanediols have been increasingly used in the Personal Care industry as multifunctional ingredients since the introduction of Hydrolite® 5 by Symrise 30 years ago. Thus, Hydrolite® 7 green brings a long-awaited response to consumers’ and formulators’ wish lists as the cosmetics industry has been seeking a nature-derived, biodegradable, liquid ingredient with multiple benefits packed into a single molecule, which offers good economics and shows important properties at low concentrations.

With Hydrolite® 7 green, Symrise offers an exclusive high purity bio-based liquid multifunctional, whose multiple benefits reduce formulation complexity while improving finished product properties. A robust portfolio of patent applications underlines its unique properties and ensures future global security of use for Symrise customers. “We continue to demonstrate our commitment to continuing innovation, to sustainability, to the green transformation of cosmetic ingredients, and to the evolving needs of customers and consumers. We feel proud to present this latest member of our portfolio of quality products”, explains Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager at Symrise. “It makes a complementary addition to the range of alkanediols and to the best multifunctionals overall.”

Unique characteristics, multiple benefits

The distinctive and optimal chain length of Hydrolite® 7 green enables water solubility and a liquid form that combines easy handling with high performance. It suits conventional as well as green formulations and has many key benefits including
-    Antioxidant enhancer for increasing the activity of antioxidants such as tocopherol
-    Excellent solubilizer of lipophilic cosmetic ingredients
-    Product protection enhancer in synergy with many preservatives

“Symrise R&D has spent years developing Hydrolite® 7 green in order to address our customers’ expectations and to meet our high standards of quality. As a market leader, we were investing in research long before the green market trend emerged, anticipating future opportunities and market shifts. As a result, this truly novel and unique multifunctional ingredient will make its debut in cosmetics in 2021”, says Imke Meyer, Vice President Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise.

Meeting next-generation consumer needs

A next generation green multifunctional, Hydrolite® 7 green stands out of the crowd with its unique chain length, purity, colorless, and nearly odorless properties, offering convenience,  a range of multifunctional benefits, and highly effective product protection enhancement in combination with preservatives.

"The optimal chain length combines strong performance and a liquid form. Due to its sourcing from the castor bean plant, the product is suitable for green labels. As an ingredient, it can increase the naturality index of conventional formulations. This may provide an alternative to traditional product protection in areas where currently available multifunctionals fail to meet the challenge. Hydrolite® 7 green is a testament to our leadership in innovation and our commitment to sustainability. As the leading supplier of modern product protection, we are ‘always a step ahead’”, adds Dr. Balint Koroskenyi.

Hydrolite 7 green launch