To the scientific eye, hair represents morphology, structure, or pigmentation. Its mechanical and surface properties are carefully studied and measured.

But hair is also a language and a means of transformation. It has the power to change our mood and redefine our identity! Hair is an extraordinary source of endless creative possibilities.

At Symrise, hair care ingredients are never just products but the result of cross-category teamwork, benefiting from our acknowledged expertise in skin care, botanicals, functionals as well as fragrances. Driven by the emerging needs of contemporary consumers, thoroughly investigated and substantiated, each ingredient is designed to open new perspectives, facilitate innovation and manufacturing, and help our customers invent the products of tomorrow.

Answering needs, dreams and desires

Answering needs,
dreams and desires

We channel our creatively-driven, multi-dimensional scientific expertise into four key areas of hair care: hair repair and conditioning, scalp care and dandruff control, anti-hair loss and eyelash-enhancing

Our solutions are largely developed at our Global Hair Care Research Center in Brazil. Thanks to this dedicated innovation hub we can address and investigate all key aspects of hair complexity. Connected to the most dynamic hair care markets in the world and equipped with the latest evaluation technologies, we develop our high-efficiency solutions and create new product concepts.

Ingredients are screened using the most stringent criteria including volume, shine, pigmentation, strength, surface, shape… Our in-house salon allows products to be tested in a real life environment, ensuring the delivery of truly visible and perceivable benefits.

Repair and conditioning for beautiful hair

Our hair repair solutions comprise ingredients to intensify shine, improve suppleness and smoothness, reduce frizz, strengthen hair fibers and decrease hair breakage. Many of our ingredients have natural origins.

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Scalp care and more

With our extensive expertise in soothing, cooling and skin caring ingredients we are providing all-round scalp care for a clean, refreshed and relieved experience on the head. With Crinipan® AD, Symrise offers a well-established and highly reliable ingredient that is especially suitable for hair caring consumer products dedicated to soothe dandruff conditions. It supports to relief from this itchy, annoying and persistent skin disorder of the scalp. 

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Anti-hair loss solutions

Hair loss or thinning comes naturally with age, but can be accelerated by a wide variety of factors. Our innovative product SymHair® Force 1631 was honored as “Breakthrough Ingredient of the Year” at PCHi Innovation Awards and also won the “Best Ingredient” Silver Award of the In-Cosmetics Innovation Zone. Its revolutionary holistic 360° approach provides fuller and thicker hair by acting at 3 different levels: by strengthening the hair fiber thus preventing hair breakage and enhancing hair volume, by reducing hair loss and by revitalizing hair roots.

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Enhanced eyelashes

The most efficient solution for a glamorous intense wide-eyed look relies on great eyelashes. For those who lack the proper length and volume, this means finding ways to obtain fuller and thicker natural lashes. Symrise provides an ingredient that is capable of improving the overall appearance of eyelashes letting them look thicker and fortified. Our product SymPeptide® XLash has won multiple international awards for its innovative eyelash enhancing properties.

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