We develop and deliver advanced natural solutions for the global aquafeed industry

We are improving the efficiency of marine proteins and using less resources to help manufacturers and fish farmers grow healthier fish and shrimp. When it comes to shrinking the global carbon footprint of aquaculture, we believe our products are part of the solution.


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Aqualis: performance and measurement centers

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Our unique approach

At Symrise Aqua Feed, we pride ourselves on what makes us unique.

We use our expert understanding of natural raw materials and scientific expertise to offer functional ingredients, palatability enhancers and other proven solutions that help aquafeed manufacturers to develop high performance feeds. All along the aquaculture value chain, we aspire to yield the best performance from marine resources. Through full stream valorization and other initiatives, we deliver on our promise to provide sustainable high-performing solutions to our customers, without compromising our social and environmental responsibilities.

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Our focus areas

We target four key species across five key continents.

Our marine ingredients provide market-leading results for four of the most valuable commercial species:



Omnivorous / Tilapia

Marine Fish

Our aquatic range: functional ingredients for aquafeed

No matter what species they target or where in the world they are used, each of our solutions is tailor-made to deliver better performance and meet unique individual customer needs related to nutrition, feed intake and health.

Feed intake

Our marine protein hydrolysates are precisely designed to yield outstanding palatability performance in farmed fish and shrimp.


Our solutions are highly digestible, providing nutritionists with more accuracy and flexibility in their formulations.


Our products naturally enhance the ability of fish and shrimp to resist biological and environmental challenges.

Our product offering

We develop and deliver advanced, natural and sustainable ingredients for the aquaculture feed industry that enhance the nutrition and health of farmed fish and shrimp.

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Our range of pure palatability enhancers specifically designed for aquaculture.

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Our range of standardized functional hydrolysates for aquafeed nutrition, palatability and health.

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Our range of nutrition products for aquafeed.


We can demonstrate palatability, health and nutritional benefits for each of our ingredients, evaluating them in our three performance and measurement centers in Brest (France), Bangkok (Thailand) and Guayaquil (Ecuador).

We assess products on common zootechnical indicators such as survival, feed intake, growth rate and feed conversion, but we also control physiological and immune parameters to demonstrate (in vivo) functional-ingredient bioactivity, using molecular biology and histological tools.


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