“Today, dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives are at the center of a multitude of consumer desires: healthy, nutritious, functional yet indulgent!”

Laure Pelletier, Senior Marketing Manager, Dairy EAME, Food & Beverage

The future of dairy is plant-based

Changing lifestyles and a push for healthier nutrition means consumers are looking for products to keep their body and mind strong without compromising on taste.

Consumer food choices are influenced by factors beyond dietary and taste needs. More conscious consumption comes from a desire to have a better impact on our planet and our bodies.

With a focus on improving gut health and boosting immune functions, curative holistic health choices are pushing highly strategic purchasing with more focus than ever placed on ingredient labels and perceptions when looking for dairy alternatives.

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The future of dairy is plant-based

What we do

Designing standout experiences in dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives

While great taste remains the core consumer demand for dairy products and their plant-based alternatives, our solutions go further to address other increasingly important criteria as well. Like naturally healthy products that deliver health benefits and never compromise on pleasure.

Increasingly common flexitarian and vegan lifestyles are driving demand for ingredients that are environmentally friendly, nutritious and flavorful. The diana food™ portfolio, Inspired by Nature, offers fruit and vegetable ingredients with nutritional benefits that are available in organic, pesticide-controlled and conventional options.

Delivering excellence with the best people and processes

The world of dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives presents complex challenges in delivering excellent experiences for every kind of consumer preference.

Our dynamic, multi-disciplinary teams combine creativity and artistry with global and local expertise. They draw on the very best science, technology, and application knowledge, as well as consumer and market insights from across the globe. The result is innovative solutions that can be easily adapted for the fast-changing dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives market.


We provide memorable flavor experiences that make all the difference.


Providing nutritional solutions for protein count, vitamin and mineral fortification and taste balancing.


Our respect for nature is exemplified in our sustainable and traceable solutions made with trusted and unique ingredients that are 100% natural.


Natural solutions for gut health, immunity and all-around healthier products.
symlife™ taste balancing solutions delivering less-sweet, low-calorie ingredients for unique, healthy and flavorful experiences.

Innovative and multi-purpose ingredients

Our range features winning taste, texture and functional solutions for every dairy and dairy alternative application.

Fermented spoonables and drinks

Fermented spoonables and drinks - dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives

From masking solutions for plant-based dairy to sweetness-balanced solutions; from differentiating vanilla and strawberry profiles to innovative and trendy tastes, fermented spoonables and drinks remain one of the biggest segments in the industry. Our portfolio of fruit-derived active compounds enhances the healthy reputation of fermented products.

Ice cream

Ice cream - dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives and water ice

We enhance the ice cream experience with sweetness balancing, plant-based dairy masking solutions and toppings of fruit crunchies.

Flavored milk

Flavored milk - dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives

From boldly flavored milk that millennials love, to products that mimic the dairy experience in a plant-based drink, we keep a close eye on this segment.


Dessert - dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives

Indulgence at its best: from brown notes to delicious plant-based desserts, we know how to offer pure pleasure to consumers!

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Our core competencies

We are not only breathing new life into classic vanilla and finding natural ways to elevate the popular strawberry, we are also at the forefront of exciting new developments in dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives.

Taste Balancing

Consumers increasingly desire healthier lifestyles. They want less-sweet, lower-calorie products that never compromise on taste or experience. “Better-for-you” products have become crucial to healthy eating. Our brand symlife™ ensures that we can balance the health and nutritional needs of the consumer while always maintaining a great taste experience.

Our symlife™ taste balancing solutions fulfill the consumer desire for a healthy, natural and sustainable diet. We possess industry leading IP and a broad, differentiating range of natural taste-balancing solutions, including our proprietary tool, ProtiScan™, that analyzes protein sources and provides off-note management as well as flavor release.

Discover our taste balancing capabilities

inspiring vanilla™

Vanilla remains a flavor icon across different products made from dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives. We ensure the source and delivery of this authentic signature flavor remain ethical and sustainable.

Discover our vanilla capabilities

Plant-based dairy

Consumer desires for health and sustainability converge in this fastest-growing dairy alternative segment. Symrise offers all-in-one support to our customers in creating better-for-you products that still taste great. In this context, our symlife™ portfolio balances flavors in alternative dairy products to optimize enjoyment and drive overall consumer preference.

Our competencies include:

  • symlife™ masking and mouthfeel tools
  • Protein understanding/expertise through ProtiScan™
  • Flavor pairing and performance including dairy milk experiences

code of nature™

From our backward integration sourcing to our natural labelling solutions and unique patented technologies such as SymTrap™, code of nature™ offers consumers authentic tastes with a clear label, allowing brands to tell stories according to their positioning.

Our ingredients, made from real fruit and vegetables, are available in powders, flakes and crunchies for easy blending and reconstitution in dairy and dairy alternative mixes. They are available in organic options, feature excellent bacteriological properties, can be added after mix pasteurization for greater processing flexibility and can replace fruit puree in ice cream without a carrier.

Whitepaper: Grow an organic label

Organic non-dairy drink

Health and nutrition

We provide naturally sourced vitamins, minerals and polyphenols as well as natural sweetness from fruits and vegetables to reduce refined-sugar intake while increasing fruit and vegetable intake.
The booming on-the-go trend has opened an area of growing innovation. Yogurts have become drinkable and portable, and now offer a good way to supplement nutrition by adding a healthy intake of protein and other nutritional benefits such as immunity and energy boosting, detox and antioxidation. Our diana food™ portfolio offers a wide range of natural, active ingredients from fruits and vegetables, including vitamin C, polyphenols and antioxidants.

Our natural ingredients


From the smooth, pulpy texture of banana puree to crunchy fruit pieces for yogurt or ice cream chocolate coating, we provide exciting texture solutions for dairy and dairy alternative products.

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