“We create a full experience that takes into account the needs of consumers and customers alike...”

Stéphane Marchin, Head of Dairy Center EAME

110,000 tonnes of yoghurt are to be consumed in 2019, compared to 96,000 in 2015

Natural flavors in food & drink rose 8% between 2011 and 2016

Dairy alternatives are increasingly popular with 9% market growth, 2017-2019

Sources: Mintel GNDP — Spoonable yoghurts Euromonitor — Flavors

We’re uniquely positioned to meet the changing demands of the dairy market with increasingly sustainable solutions, driven by unparalleled insight into the trends that drive such change.

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Symrise Dairy What we Do

What we do

Designing standout dairy experiences

While great taste remains the core consumer demand for dairy products, our solutions address further, increasingly important criteria as well

Symrise Dairy New multi-sensorial experiences

New multi-sensorial experiences

Appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, aftertaste

Symrise Dairy New product qualities

New product qualities

Sustainable, pure, honest, local, natural, whole food

Symrise Dairy New matrices

New matrices

For example, demand for skyr, kefir and strained yoghurts

Symrise Dairy How we add value

How we add value

Enabling excellence, thanks to the best people and processes

The dairy world can present complex challenges, which we’re able to solve by applying our unique collaborative design approach. Our dynamic, multi-disciplinary dairy teams combine their creativity and artistry with global and local expertise. They draw on the very best science, technology, application knowledge and consumer/market insights from across the Symrise Group. 

The result is innovative solutions that can be easily adapted for the fast-changing dairy world.

Embracing the best of nature and bringing the best of science

Naturalness is a key driver in today's global dairy segment

Under our Code of Nature brand, we combine our increasingly natural and traceable raw materials base with our pioneering scientific creativity. This ensures that consumers are able to find the naturally-sourced, high-quality (and great-tasting!) dairy products they desire.

Since our 2014 acquisition of Diana Group, we're increasingly able to deliver solutions that respond to growing demands for natural and nutritious ingredients. In 2015, one-third of all new dairy products claimed the use of natural ingredients — a proportion that continues to rise. 

Tailor-made brand elevation

Our extensive, analytical capabilities and consumer knowledge result in bespoke solutions with quick turnaround times. Our dedicated customer teams collaborate with each company to ensure that we fulfill both your brand and product needs.

Our range

Our range comprises winning taste, color and texture solutions for all dairy applications.

Whatever its purpose, they’re more than just ingredients: our creations are innovative and multi-purpose

Our dairy segments

Symrise Dairy Yoghurts


All flavored and fermented dairy products in a spoon-able format. This includes (flavored) set yoghurts, fruity yoghurts and bi-layers

Symrise Dairy drinks

Dairy drinks

All flavored milks, as well as flavored and fermented dairy products in a drinkable format. This also includes specialties such as kefir and laban

Symrise Dairy Desserts


All dairy desserts, from puddings to dessert cream to flans

Symrise Dairy Ice cream

Ice cream

All dairy-based frozen desserts, as well as water-based desserts such as sorbets

Plant-based products and other dairy alternativesMore

Plant-based products and other dairy alternatives

All dairy alternatives products: from coconut and rice to soy and almond. Available in multiple formats such as drinks, yoghurts and frozen desserts

Our taste solutions

Whether it’s breathing new life into the classic vanilla taste, or finding natural ways to elevate the number one flavor of strawberry, we’re at the forefront of exciting new dairy developments

simply vanilla®

Working with a team of London-based social media influencers, we designed a brand new vanilla flavors range to make vanilla appealing to millennials. The team comprised of a mixologist, tea sommelier, chef and pastry designer, who all came together to create new vanilla ice cream concepts.

We're proud to be market leaders in vanilla — visit our dedicated vanilla site to find out more.

intensively red®

Strawberry is the number one flavor in yoghurts, and we’re developing a new generation of strawberry flavors that stays true to the taste of fruit freshly picked in the field. These new developments allow our customers to connect with consumers who are increasingly looking for more natural fruit experiences.


Our brand symlife® ensures we're able to balance the health and nutritional needs of the consumer with no compromise on taste. Sugar reduction in particular continues to be a top priority for consumer goods, and dairy is particularly scrutinized in this respect.

What's more, as plant-based alternatives and fat-reduced/fat-replaced products become more prevalent in the dairy world, symlife® allows us to capture the creaminess and mouthfeel that consumers still demand from these types of products.

Learn more on our symlife®  microsite

Discover our organic compliant sweetness balance solutions

Discover our no added sugar solutions

Our color and texture solutions

Symrise Dairy Colors


Our natural, attractive coloring are E-number and carmine free, offering our customers clean labelling opportunities

Symrise Dairy Inclusions


Our real fruit content provides clean labelling opportunities for our customers, as well as the visual and taste experience consumers increasingly crave

Symrise Dairy Trends


From natural purity to winning excitement indulgence

The success of our solutions is rooted in our ability to respond quickly, effectively and innovatively to the latest trends in the fast-moving dairy market

A closer look at… the need for nature and nutrition

While great taste is still the primary marker of a successful dairy product, consumers are increasingly looking for other qualities to complete the experience

This is most apparent in the desire for natural, nutritious ingredients that improve consumers’ sense of well-being.

More and more of our solutions are enabling our customers to deliver products that meet this growing demand. From diet-specific and
‘free-from’ alternatives, to energizing, artisanal and multi-functional added benefits, our successes span all the segments and regions that we operate in.

Discover our Natural X Flavoring Collection

A closer look at… the urge to excite

As everyday life becomes more and more stressful, consumers are looking for products that transport them to a new and exciting place, if only for mere moments…

Creating the most enjoyable dairy experience means surprising consumers, exciting the senses, and evoking nostalgic joy.

That might mean creating exotic, never-before-seen flavor combinations, or pairing unconventional ingredients to create wholly new tastes. It could also mean conjuring memories of traditional childhood treats in a bold new context. Whatever the aim or application, our dairy teams are continually delivering region-specific solutions that meet such desires.

Indulgence in dairy is growing as consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional desserts. At the same time, we observe the mega-trend for the “lipstick effect” - a coping strategy for consumers. In times of crisis, they treat themselves by investing in their emotional well-being. This is influencing the way they consume dairy products, as they look for that uplifting me moment!Stéphane Marchin, Head of Dairy Center EAME

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